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Chio was a resident of Maizu Village who was highly skilled at origami. She was unconfident in her abilities as an origami artist until Katara showed her how she could inspire others.[1]


Chio lived with her two fathers in Maizu Village, her "Dad" Zenko and her "Papa". She was skilled at origami, and Zenko joked that she was a "paper-bender". Some months before 99 AG, her village began to be raided by Fire Nation soldiers. The town's earthbenders were captured, and it was left defenceless.

One day, the Fire Nation arrived again and started burning the houses in Maizu Village. Chio called for help as she and her dad were restrained by two soldiers, who tried to extort Zenko. Chio responded that they had no money, and the soldiers instead declared that her father would work for them. Katara soon arrived on the scene and knocked the soldiers aside by waterbending from the river, and extinguished the fires across the village.

Chio and Zenko thanked Katara for her help, and the latter invited Team Avatar to dine with his family that night. In the evening, Zenko began talking about Chio's own "bending", and she grew embarrassed. She quickly clarified to Katara that he was talking about origami, and proceeded to fold a sheet of paper into a flower. Both Aang and Katara were impressed, and her fathers encouraged Team Avatar to see the origami display in her room.

Chio showing Team Avatar her origami collection

Chio showed Team Avatar her room, which contains a large collection of origami.

When Aang, Katara, and Sokka saw the display of origami, she claimed it was nothing impressive. Chio told Katara that as the latter fought against the Fire Nation, she was doing far more than simply hoping the situation would get better. Katara responded by telling her that she had hope all the time, and wished she had far more of it.

When Team Avatar departed, Chio told Katara that she had initially wanted to learn to fight and protect the village, but now knew that it was not the only way she could help people. As a parting gift, she gave Katara a paper crane, a symbol of luck and peace to give her hope on her journey. As Katara and Chio embraced, the former told the latter that her "bending" could save the world. Chio and her fathers waved goodbye to Team Avatar as they left on Appa.[1]


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  • Chio was named after Kiki Hughes's great-grandmother Chiyo. Her name was adjusted to remain culturally ambiguous in order to fit into the Avatar universe.[2]


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