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This article is about the prison. For the village, see Chin Village. For other locations of imprisonment, see Prisons (disambiguation).

The Chin Village prison is a detainment facility located in Chin Village that houses individuals charged with committing an offense, until they stand trial.[1]


In 100 AG, Avatar Aang was incarcerated in this prison during Team Avatar's visit to Chin Village on Avatar Day as punishment for Avatar Kyoshi's supposed murder of Chin the Conqueror. Sokka and Katara attempted to convince Aang to break out, but Aang refused, insisting on standing trial to disclaim the villagers' perceived wrongdoings of the Avatar.

Chin Village prisoners

Aang befriended several prisoners while incarcerated.

After Sokka and Katara had left, Aang encountered a fellow prisoner who noticed his bald head and tattoos, features common among the majority of the prisoners. Though frightened at first, Aang befriended the man along with another prisoner and discussed his feelings for Katara with the two of them.

Sokka and Katara, along with Mayor Tong, later revisited the prison to inform Aang of their discovery of evidence proving the Avatar's innocence. Tong, however, merely scoffed at the two for misunderstanding the village's court system, which did not permit the presentation of evidence. Aang remained in the prison until his trial the following day.[1]


The prison consists of walled-in courtyards with no roofing, save for a metal grate covering a portion of the detainment region. The courtyard contains a circular, barred viewing window through which prisoners can be consulted from a visiting room, located at the base of a watchtower used to supervise the prisoners.

Notable figures[]


  • Elephant rats are known to scurry about the prison floor, scrounging for food.


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