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This article is about the head of police in Republic City. For the various leaders of different tribal cultures, see Tribal chief.
Saikhan being inducted

Saikhan became the Chief of Police following Lin Beifong's resignation.

Chief of Police is the highest rank within the Republic City Police Department. In charge of protecting Republic City from any threat, the Chief directs and leads the city's law forces in order to maintain peace and order in the metropolis.[1]


After the formation of Republic City, Toph Beifong become the first chief of the city's police force.[2] Having instructed several earthbenders in the art of metalbending after the end of the Hundred Year War, Toph formed the Metalbending Police Force, which eventually became the city's most elite crime fighting unit. In 128 AG, Chief Toph Beifong oversaw the arrest and trial of a notorious Republic City criminal named Yakone.[3]

Chief of Police

Chief Lin Beifong investigated Hiroshi's workshop after receiving a tip from a warehouse worker that Hiroshi was producing weapons for the Equalists.

Prior to 170 AG, the title of Chief was passed to her daughter, Lin Beifong, who continued her mother's legacy. When Avatar Korra moved to Republic City, Lin was averse toward her arrival after she destroyed parts of the city while fighting a group of Triple Threat Triad members. Indifferent to Korra's status as the Avatar and the relationship between her mother and Aang, she did not get along with the young Avatar.[4]

When Amon warned the United Republic Council to shut down the Pro-bending Arena and cancel the sport's final match under threat of severe consequences, Chief Lin Beifong offered to protect the arena and the spectators with the help of her metalbending officers. However, Amon and his followers were able to infiltrate the arena after incapacitating the officers and Lin, eventually giving a speech about equality to the public and finally escaping through the ceiling after destroying part of the stadium.[5] Chief Beifong later resigned as chief when, after a battle in a secret Equalist factory, she was not able to save her officers who had been captured by the enemy.[6]

Following Lin's resignation, she appointed Captain Saikhan as the new Chief of Police. During his induction at the police headquarters, he announced he would report directly to Councilman Tarrlok about any matter regarding the Anti-bending Revolution.[7] His loyalty to Tarrlok was demonstrated when the councilman ordered the arrest of several nonbenders due to a new imposed curfew; however, it was lost when he learned that Tarrlok was a bloodbender and had kidnapped Avatar Korra.[3]

When the Equalists attacked Republic City, they bombarded the police headquarters. Because of the nature of their mecha tanks' attacks, they were easily able to capture Chief Saikhan and other officers despite Tenzin's efforts and before Team Avatar was able to stop their attack.[8]

Following the conclusion of the Anti-bending Revolution in early 171 AG, Lin Beifong returned to the police force and was reinstated as chief.[9]


Police Chief's clothes

The Chief of Police's uniform is darker than that of other officers and has gold trim, as well as a gold badge.

The uniform of the Chief has slight differences compared to the rest of the metalbending officers. While the rest of the police force's armor is light gray, the Chief's armor is primarily black with gold trimmings and sports a gold badge on the left hand side. Lin Beifong's armor was known to have footwear sporting retractable soles, revealing her foot should she need to use seismic sense.[6]

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