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The chi blocker training camp was a secret Equalist facility used for instructing nonbenders in the art of chi blocking that was hidden in a cellar underneath a bookstore in the Dragon Flats borough. Following its discovery, it was invaded by Councilman Tarrlok, Korra, and the remainder of Tarrlok's task force. Several people who had been participating in Equalist activities at the time were captured by the task force and arrested.[1]


Task force attacking chi blockers

The chi blockers were attacked by Tarrlok's task force.

In 170 AG, after The Revelation, Tarrlok created a task force to fight back against the Equalists. After recruiting Avatar Korra to his task force, Tarrlok planned a raid against this facility as his team's first attack.

The task force pumped water through the walls and froze the nearest chi blocker trainees in sight. One chi blocker threw two smoke grenades at Korra, but she quickly reacted by freezing them. Two Equalists attempted to flee the camp through a system of tunnels, but were pursued and eventually captured by Avatar Korra and Tarrlok. All Equalists that had been captured on the scene were arrested shortly afterward in the presence of the media.[1]


The camp was located underneath an easily accessible bookstore in the Dragon Flats borough. The walls of the bookstore were made from brown bricks, and there were vents near the bottom that aerated the cellar. The basement's walls were tan in coloration and decorated with Equalist posters, including one of Amon, and the floor was covered in gray tiles. The interior of the facility was linked to a large tunnel, which had a dirt floor and stone walls that were supported by wooden planks.[1]


  • The large banners that hang on the wall of the training facility state "阿蒙就是答案", which means "Amon is the answer".


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