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Chegu was an Air Nomad Spirit Seer, capable of particular connection with the spirits and burdened with a special role in the Air Nomads as a result.[1]


From an early age, Chegu was identified as being particularly attuned to the spirits. Since that moment, she was pushed into special studies and excursions to grow her abilities and help bring balance to the world, eventually becoming a Spirit Seer, a rare and archaic position, but honored and important.

Chegu loved the spirits, but found the expectations placed on her stifling. She volunteered for a mission when the Southern Air Temple organized a group of Air Nomads to go to the Four Nations Summit & Technological Symposium to keep the peace, as requested by Avatar Roku, including Bo, Ema, Sherab, and Norbu. However, her main motives were to take a break from the Elders of her temple and everyone's expectations. She was accompanied by her flying bison Zeni.[1][2] After meteorite crates were stolen from the Fire Nation, Taqukaq tasked the group with finding the thief before it was too late.[3]


Chegu felt that her position of status imposed a lot of troubles and restrictions on her. She was otherwise rather playful and naive.[1]


Chegu was a competent airbender and had a very close connection with the spirits. Her specialty was being able to float on gentle spinning jets of air, and was able to create a perfect wall of defense if she got into a fight.[1]


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