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Chaejin was the illegitimate son of Fire Lord Chaeryu and Lady Huazo, the leader of the Saowon clan. Although excluded from the royal succession, Chaejin managed to gain power and influence in the court of his half-brother Zoryu, attempting to claim the throne for himself. He made an unsuccessful bid for the throne during the Camellia-Peony War.[2]


Chaejin was born to Fire Lord Chaeryu and Lady Huazo of the Saowon clan. His parents were not married, and it was a great embarrassment for Chaeryu to learn of Huazo's pregnancy shortly after he had committed to marrying Sulan of the Keohso clan.[3] Although Chaeryu was forced to acknowledge Chaejin and avoid dishonoring the noble mother and her house, he excluded Chaejin from the royal family. During his childhood, he was a playmate to his legitimate half-brother Zoryu. Nevertheless, Chaejin was sent away to the Fire Sages to put him out of the line of succession, and his father prevented the matter from being discussed at court during his life.

After Chaeryu's death, the Fire Sages sent Chaejin back to court as a High Temple liaison, which initially delighted Zoryu. However, Chaejin had been embittered at having been sent away, and wanted the crown, exploiting his half-brother's initial lenience to display how much more regal he was. As he worked the courts in attempt to bolster his claim, Huazo consolidated wealth and power throughout the Fire Islands.[4]

During the Festival of Szeto, Chaejin was introduced to Avatar Kyoshi, who mistook him for Fire Lord Zoryu, thanks to the strong resemblance he shared with the portrait of his late father, as well as his regal attire.[5] The crowd was shocked at the Avatar's faux pas, and he introduced himself to her, explaining his place in the royal family. Zoryu arrived on the scene shortly after, and Chaejin mirthfully explained the Avatar's confusion, adopting a highly informal tone as he spoke of the nation's lack of prosperity. Kyoshi resolved to address the nation's issues, before attempting to dismiss Chaejin, wishing to speak to the Fire Lord alone. Chaejin refused, however, and Zoryu stared at the Avatar agape until Hei-Ran ordered the group to come with her, wishing to prevent a diplomatic catastrophe.[4]

Chaejin met with Zoryu in the throne room following Yun's attack on the palace, where he feigned horror at the deaths of Chancellor Dairin and Lu Beifong, having smoothed over the attack with the members of the court. When Kyoshi approached, she asked to speak with Chaejin privately, claiming that she believed him to be a better candidate for Fire Lord. She asked what he would do about his country's fortunes if he sat the throne, and he responded that he would think of something. Kyoshi then recognized Chaejin as a man interested in power alone, and he managed to see through the Avatar's bluff. He noted that the attack would lead to Zoryu's downfall if it went unanswered, and not even the Avatar could fight history.[1]

After Kyoshi returned to the capital from North Chung-Ling, Chaejin eagerly accepted the Avatar's attempt to arrest him, believing it would only strengthen his claim on the throne. Kyoshi brought him to one of her personal properties outside First Lord’s Harbor, informing Chaejin that his mother was inside. Initially, the man believed her to be joking, but saw Huazo on the house's ledge screaming in surprise at her son’s presence. Huazo denied the Saowon clan's affiliation with Yun, and Kyoshi continued to threaten her, creating cracks in the cliffside that supported the house with her earthbending, the stone supporting her dropping a foot. Chaejin denied any knowledge of Yun, and growing enraged, Kyoshi held him over Yingyong's saddle, threatening to drop him into the sea. Huazo shrieked for Kyoshi to let go of her son. After being guided away from vengeance by Avatar Kuruk, Kyoshi released both of them, now realizing they truly knew nothing about Yun. She released Chaejin on Huazo's platform, levitating the stone up to the top of the cliffs, and allowing Huazo and Chaejin to flee.[6]

Despite the Saowon's lack of involvement with Yun, Zoryu managed to feign their guilt when a double of Yun confessed to conspiring with the clan. An immediate purge of the clan began in the capital, bringing the war to an end before it had truly started.[7] Zoryu initially wished to execute the entire clan, but was forced into showing them mercy by Kyoshi.[8] Although Zoryu attempted to renege on the promise, Lao Ge's warning made sure that he would spare the Saowon. Chaejin and Huazo remained under house arrest in the capital, as their relatives in Ma'inka could not act militarily without risking their lives.[9]


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