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Central City Station is the central train station in Republic City. Located in the eastern reaches of the metropolis, this formerly important commercial hub has deteriorated with the increasing popularity of automobiles. The plaza out front now serves mainly as an area for people to lounge or exchange goods. A monument of Fire Lord Zuko is located in the center of the plaza and is a reminder of the many accomplishments that he made while helping build Republic City.

The station is frequented by orphans such as Skoochy, who can often be found in the area exchanging information for a price or looking for tourists to pickpocket. Gangs such as the Triple Threat Triad are known to scout Central City Station for potential recruits.[1]

In order to keep up with technological changes, Future Industries spearheaded the modernization of the station and by 174 AG, the building and its infrastructures had been updated to accommodate new rail lines that connected the United Republic and Earth Kingdom.[2]


170 AG

The station's interior was designed with elaborate architecture, including large arches and ceiling art.

Bolin and Pabu set up a street act in front of Zuko's memorial statue in Central City Station in order to earn the yuans that the Fire Ferrets needed to compete in the Pro-bending Championship, but only managed to earn one yuan. The young earthbender was approached by Shady Shin not long after, who told him that Lightning Bolt Zolt was looking for new recruits for his gang operation. Bolin was reluctant to do so, but after he was given a stack of bills, he accepted and left the station with the gang member.

After Bolin went missing, Mako and Korra went to Central City Station in search of him, as Mako knew that it was one of his brother's usual hangouts. The two approached a group of young orphans and asked them if they knew of Bolin's whereabouts, to which Skoochy responded that his memory was "a little foggy". After Mako paid the boy, he informed the two that Bolin was at the station performing a "monkey-rat circus", but left after Shady Shin showed up and offered him monetary incentive. He warned the two that all the triads were preparing for something big.[3]

174 AG

With an attack on Republic City imminent, the people flocked to Central City Station to escape the city via one of the many trains.

After renovations to Central City Station were completed in 174 AG, President Raiko and Future Industries' chief executive, Asami Sato, cut the ribbon to declare the building officially in use again.[2] Several weeks later, when Kuvira threatened to attack Republic City, the citizens were urged to evacuate the city, with many finding their way to the station in order to leave by train.[4]

During the attack on the city, the station sustained some damage when it was shaken on its foundations by the energy emanating from Kuvira's spirit energy cannon that was used to lay waste to the city. A last group of evacuees became stranded in the station after the train tracks were destroyed by the military of the Earth Empire. It sustained further damage when Tu and Prince Wu each brought a badgermole into the building and the royal ordered the animals to start digging a tunnel. With their earthbending, the creatures raised the ground underneath some of the tracks, causing them to bend and break.[5]


  • The statue of Fire Lord Zuko portrays him wearing his royal armor as opposed to the Fire Lord's robes.
  • Central City Station is popular among the children of Republic City and is also considered by Bolin to be one of his favorite places, aside from Narook's Seaweed Noodlery.[6]
  • The design of the platforms in Central City Station were inspired by the original Pennsylvania Station in New York City.[7]