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The cavehopper is a creature that resembles a grasshopper with a distinct albino appearance. Intolerant to sunlight, it spends most of its life inside the dimly-lit caverns of the Fire Nation, feeding on algae and other vegetation. Cavehoppers are among the favorite snacks of the toucan puffins.[1][2]


While staying in a beach cave, Team Avatar discussed the possibility of getting disguises; Toph reasoned that they could use the new clothing to blend in and get real food. To emphasize her point, she hit the wall, causing a group of cavehoppers to jump out and flee. One of the creatures was caught by Momo and promptly eaten, though the winged lemur subsequently spat out a half eaten limb.[2]


A young woman is sat in a cave wearing a green outfit and a red cape. She is surrounded by half a dozen small, white insects resembling grasshoppers jumping in the air.

Cavehoppers in a Fire Nation cave.

Cavehoppers are white and have long antennae protruding from their heads, along with two short front legs and two larger hind legs. They possess four semi-webbed feet in all, each of which are topped by toe-pads.


Cavehoppers seem to be based on a combination of cave crickets and grasshoppers, though real-life crickets have six legs instead of four. Grasshoppers are herbivorous insects with large hind legs adapted for leaping, much like those of the cavehooper. The limbs and webbed feet of the cavehopper resemble those of a frog, while its eyes are similar to a chameleon's.


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