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The catgator is an animal that resides in the Foggy Swamp.


When Team Avatar crashed in the swamp, one catgator tried to eat Momo, but was instead scared off by Appa. Sokka later attempted to feed another catgator, named Slim, who was domesticated by members of the Foggy Swamp Tribe.[1]

In 171 AG, Avatar Korra and Jinora were swallowed whole by a giant catgator shortly after the pair entered the Spirit World, causing the two to fall into a spiraling river which subsequently separated them from one another.[2]


The catgator is a large, dark green reptile that is about seven or eight feet long from snout to tail. It is a squat, short creature and moves with its body close to the ground. Its back is lined with ridges, and it has a flat head with barbel whiskers coming from the snout. The catgator's mouth itself is lined with sharp teeth, and its tail has a small fin at the end.

Apart from lacking barbel whiskers and being slightly brighter green in appearance, catgator spirits retain similar physical characteristics as their swamp counterparts. In addition to this, spirit catgators are capable of growing to far more gargantuan sizes, similar to elephant koi.[3] They also have certain spiritual abilities, such as transporting the humans that they swallow into other parts of the Spirit World.[2]


Catgators are the bottom-feeders of the swamp. Although they appear to be ferocious animals, they are actually docile toward humans. To most people, catgators are considered extremely revolting creatures, but to the folks of the Foggy Swamp Tribe, they are lovable pets and are given names such as Slim and Derby.[4] Catgators will eat anything in their vicinity, save for the large insects which inhabit the swamp.


The catgator appears to be a hybrid of a catfish and an alligator, and it exhibits physical characteristics of both of these animals.



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