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The cat owl is a hybrid creature that lives in the forests of both the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation,[1] though it can also be kept as a pet.[2] It preys on mice and other small rodents and has a distinctive meow-hoot that is considered to be one of the most bizarre sounds made by an animal.[3]


While searching for information about Appa's whereabouts, Team Avatar and Joo Dee entered a pet shop in Ba Sing Se. A cat owl was among the animals for sale, and the creature scared Momo away from its food bowl when the lemur began eating from it.[2]

Later, when Hama brought Katara into a forest outside a Fire Nation village at night, a wild cat owl was perched on a branch high in the trees.[1]


The cat owl has the head and tail of a cat, along with the wings and body of an owl. Its head, torso, and paws are covered in fur, which is slate gray on its dorsal sections and creamy white on its ventral sections. The feathers of its wings and tail are gray as well. Its eyes are commonly green.[2]


The cat owl's coloration and its facial appearance resemble those of a great horned owl, an animal that is sometimes nicknamed the "cat owl" due to its furred, feline tail.


  • Superstition has it that running across a cat owl is bad luck.[3]
  • The Chinese word for owl (猫头鹰) literally translates into "cat-headed eagle".


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