The cat deer is a hybrid creature that existed in the era of Raava. The cat deer can be domesticated, as evidenced by Mula, the animal companion of Avatar Wan.[1]


The cat deer is a four-legged mammal with the build of a deer and the facial characteristics of a cat. Its head and body are covered with predominantly light brown fur, while a significant portion of its underbelly and tail are white, alongside a notable white stripe on its large neck. The cat deer's retractable claws are sheathed in its white paws, and it has white fur growing on the toe pads. Two white antlers protrude from the otherwise feline head, and the animal has two black tufts extending from the tip of each ear and white hairs covering the inner surface of the pinna. The cat deer's facial markings include dark lines that run from the inner edge of the eye toward the nostrils, with a white pigmentation around the mouth and jawline.[1]


The cat deer's coloration and overall physiology resemble those of a pronghorn antelope, while its facial structure and paws resemble those of a household cat. The aforementioned feline features, along with the distinct black tufts atop the ears including the white coloration on its face and the dark lines from the eyes to the nostrils, are also reminiscent of the caracal, more commonly known as the desert lynx.


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