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Cam is a citizen of Republic City who mans the front desk of the Republic City Four Elements hotel. The day before Prince Wu's coronation, he catered to the various high-society guests who were staying at the hotel for the event.[1]


In 174 AG, the day before Prince Wu's coronation as Earth King, Cam discovered that Desna and Eska had been booked in one room with only one bed. Believing a mistake had been made, he cautiously approached the Northern Water Tribe chiefs and apologized for the perceived error in booking. He was quickly corrected by Eska, however, who pointed out that no mistake had been made since Desna slept in the tub.

After the royals retreated to their room, Cam tended to Kuvira's party as she was in the lobby of the hotel. When she informed Prince Wu that she had him moved out of the Presidential Suite, he was grabbed by the collar by the young prince, who was concerned about the whereabouts of his belongings. Unfazed by Wu's outburst, he calmly informed him that they had moved him to a "very nice junior suite" on the seventh floor of the hotel.[1]


The Legend of Korra

Book Four: Balance (平衡)


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