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The juice inside the cactus is seen when the plant is split open.

Cactus juice is a naturally occurring liquid found in certain succulent plants of the Si Wong Desert. It contains hallucinogens which cause those who consume it to temporarily fall into a deranged mental state.


Sokka hallucinated after drinking cactus juice.

While wandering around the Si Wong Desert, Team Avatar stumbled upon a cactus. Parched, Sokka sliced open the plant, and he and Momo quenched their thirst with the juice inside. However, the liquid contained a powerful hallucinogen; after causing their pupils to widely dilate, Momo began to soar in the sky aimlessly, while Sokka advertised the dangerous liquid and asked nonsensical questions.

Seeing the effect the juice had on her brother, Katara poured the liquid on the ground before Toph could have a sip as well. The hallucinogenic effects of the juice eventually wore off by the next morning.[1]


The fluids within the Si Wong Desert's cacti contain strong hallucinogens.

  • After arriving in Ba Sing Se, Sokka cautioned the group not to get their hopes up, suggesting highly illogical and supernatural disasters that could still befall them, such as getting attacked by an exploding Fire Nation spoon or finding out that the city had been submerged in a sea of killer shrimp. Toph addressed his paranoia by asking if he had been "hitting the cactus juice again".[2]
  • Although the plant Sokka and Momo drank from resembled the fishhook barrel cactus in appearance, it shares the same hallucinogenic properties as the peyote cactus, which is native to southwestern Texas and central Mexico.
  • Chef Jenny Dorsey initially proposed to include cactus juice in Avatar: The Last Airbender Cookbook: Official Recipes from the Four Nations. To make a real-life equivalent, she intended for the drink to include alcohol or cannabidiol, but the idea was rejected by Nickelodeon.[3]
  • A real-world adaptation of this beverage is shown in a recipe from Avatar: The Last Airbender Cookbook: Official Recipes from the Four Nations.[4]


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