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Butakha is the owner of Republic City's Pro-bending Arena and the director of the pro-bending league. He oversees the league and is responsible for distributing winnings to victorious pro-bending teams and providing equipment for the players. He also collected rent from Mako and Bolin when they lived in the arena's attic.[1]


Butakha taking money

Butakha reclaimed the brothers' profits for various outstanding debts to him.

Shortly after the Avatar's arrival in Republic City, Butakha met with the Fire Ferrets during one of their early practices in Toza's gym. There, he handed Mako the team's winnings from their previous match, but soon reclaimed all of it after he took off payment for Korra's pro-bending gear, the team's gym and equipment lease, rent on Bolin and Mako's attic space, and a personal loan for groceries taken out by Bolin. He proceeded to explain to the Fire Ferrets that they needed to ante up thirty thousand yuans for the championship pot or they would have to forfeit their position in the tournament.[1]


The Legend of Korra

Book One: Air (气)


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