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"Bumi vs. Toph, Round One" is a comic that takes place in Book Three: Fire. It was originally released by Nickelodeon Comics Club magazine in 2009[1] and later released by Dark Horse Comics in The Lost Adventures.


While waiting for Sozin's Comet, Bumi and Toph have an earthbending rumble to decide who is the greatest earthbender of all time.


Hiding out and awaiting their battle with the Fire Lord, Suki is chatting with Bumi and Sokka in disbelief of how the king single-handedly retook Omashu, calling him the greatest earthbender of all time. Toph, who had awoken moments before, overhears their conversation and begins to mock Bumi's opinion, thinking herself the superior earthbender. Bumi counters by calling her a little girl and stating that he has toenails that bend better than her. Sokka declares that the only way to prove who is more skilled is through an "earthbending rumble".

Toph fights Bumi for the title of greatest earthbender.

After introducing the two earthbenders, Sokka hits a handheld gong to signal the beginning of the duel. Even so, neither Toph nor Bumi attacks, insisting that the other make the first move. When Sokka commands them to fight, they relent and both begin earthbending at the same time. Suki and Katara arrive at the scene a little later, and the waterbender proceeds to scold Sokka for pitting them against one another, noting that if they get hurt, they will be unable to aid in the battle against the Fire Nation. Toph and Bumi respond to Katara not by ceasing their battle, but by deriding each other with veiled insults.

Toph's next move evokes an avalanche to fall upon Bumi, who shields himself from the falling boulders from an earthen shield. Their ferocity sends tremors throughout the campsite, interrupting Zuko and the rest of the White Lotus from their creative endeavors. Fearful that the Fire Nation has invaded, they run to the source of the noise and are surprised to see no enemies. After Sokka explains the duel, Iroh begins to cheer for Bumi despite his nephew's obvious irritation. Upon Pakku and Jeong Jeong's objection to the battle, Sokka agrees that it may give away their location and calls the match to end with his gong, but Toph and Bumi are unable to hear it over their earthbending.

Zuko, Katara, and the White Lotus interrupt Toph and Bumi's match.

In order to end the match, Piandao, Iroh, Zuko, Katara, Pakku, and Jeong Jeong use their skills to negate Toph and Bumi's bending. While everyone is walking away from the battlefield, Sokka tells Suki that, as referee, he has decided the match to have been a draw. Toph and Bumi are happy with the prospect of a rematch that Sokka says they should have later, but Zuko and Katara appear displeased.

Production notes


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Series continuity

  • The introductory bubble refers to the White Lotus' campsite as "old people camp", alluding to Bumi's use of that phrase in "Sozin's Comet, Part 2: The Old Masters".
  • While she is speaking with Bumi, Suki expresses her disbelief that he took his city on his own, another reference to "Sozin's Comet, Part 2: The Old Masters".
  • In his buildups for Bumi and Toph, Sokka calls the King a "Mad Earthbending Genius", a modified form of what Aang nicknamed him in "The King of Omashu". Sokka also refers to Toph as "The Blind Bandit" and "The Runaway", alluding directly to Toph's first and second alias'. These names are used more throughout the story.


  • In the final panel, when Katara raises her hand to her face in disgust, the glove protecting her hand is missing.
  • When Pakku proclaims that it is up to them to stop Toph and Bumi's battle "bender style", Piandao steps in despite being a nonbender.
  • In the last panel on page eight of the comic, Sokka's neckband is missing.


  • "Bumi vs. Toph, Round One" was already in production by January 2009.[1]


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