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The bully guard was an unfriendly guard who enjoyed intimidating and browbeating the prisoners of the Boiling Rock, such as Chit Sang.


When Zuko and Sokka first arrived in the prison yard, the bully guard was goading Chit Sang in order to force him into firebending, which was prohibited for inmates. After Chit Sang, his girlfriend, and his friend's escape attempt failed,[1] Chit Sang was interrogated so as to divulge who masterminded the plan; he accused the bully guard of being the instigator, as payback for the bully guard's earlier harassment of him. As a result, the guard was arrested and taken in for questioning. His interrogation was interrupted by Princess Azula, who cleared him of the charge, explaining that he was not associated with the escape attempt.[2]


The bully guard tended to be very cruel toward the prisoners at the Boiling Rock, and he intimidated and harshly mocked the prisoners who were held there. He lived alone, as he was not a very social person and had no true friends or people to whom he could talk, and in addition he had little to no romantic relationships. As a result, he liked to take out his personal frustrations by harassing the prisoners, the only people he had some control and power over, such as Chit Sang. However, underneath his usual rough and unsettling personality, he was actually just a sad, lonely man.[3]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Three: Fire (火)


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