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Bujing[2] was a High General of the Fire Nation army. He was renowned for his ruthless but effective battlefield strategies.


Known for his calculating manner, sadism, and ruthless attitude, General Bujing had an obsession with victory, even if it meant sacrificing inexperienced troops to gain a battlefield advantage.[2]

In 97 AG, while Prince Zuko attended his first war meeting, Bujing explained a military plan to move a weak division of Fire Nation recruits to fight an experienced battalion of earthbenders. This would make the latter concentrate its efforts and resources on the former, leaving the way open for more capable Fire Nation soldiers to encircle and defeat them. In his words, the new recruits were the best bait available. Zuko spoke out against his plan, seeing it as a betrayal of the patriotism and honor of the new recruits. Bujing and the other attendees, including Fire Lord Ozai, were greatly offended. This outburst against the elderly general served as a powder keg for the strained relationship between Zuko and his father, who told him it was an act of disrespect and could only be settled by an Agni Kai. Zuko accepted, not being afraid of the elderly Bujing. However, Zuko unexpectedly ended up facing Ozai instead. Bujing attended the Agni Kai as a member of the audience and frowned upon seeing Ozai scar his son with firebending.[1]

Bujing exchanging an uneasy glance with General Shinu upon the return of the banished prince.

Bujing attended the war meeting the day before a solar eclipse, where he exchanged an uneasy glance with General Shinu when Prince Zuko entered the room. He later applauded Ozai's plan to destroy the Earth Kingdom with the power of Sozin's Comet.[3]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book One: Water (水)

Book Three: Fire (火)


  • Bujing's only appearances were in flashbacks.


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