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The broadsword man was an Earth Kingdom citizen who passed through the river village during Zuko and Iroh's brief stay there as refugees. He bore an imperious attitude toward those whom he considered beneath him.[1]


In 100 AG, this broadsword man was roaming the streets of the river village when he saw two vagrants: the banished Prince Zuko and the retired General Iroh, disguised as simple refugees.

After watching Iroh's attempts to collect coins from pedestrians, the broadsword man offered him a gold piece, on the condition that he provided some entertainment. Compliant, Iroh began singing "Girls from Ba Sing Se". Despite Iroh's melody, the man remained petulant and dissatisfied. In an attempt to get Iroh to dance while singing, the man drew his dual broadswords and slashed them at Iroh's feet. When Iroh uttered the last note, the man halted his attacks and guffawed, satisfied. He awarded Iroh the promised coin and walked away, sheathing his swords.

At night, when he was walking through the streets alone, he felt threatened and drew his swords upon hearing a noise. Before he could identify its source, his dual dao blades were quickly knocked from his hands and he was harshly tossed against some nearby standing crates, rendering him unconscious. His swords were subsequently stolen by Zuko, who was under the guise of the Blue Spirit.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Two: Earth (土)


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