"Boys' Day Out" is a comic book that takes place in Book Three: Fire, originally released by Nickelodeon Magazine and later released by Dark Horse Comics in Avatar: The Last Airbender — The Lost Adventures.


Katara wants to spend a day out on the town, but, finding Aang and Sokka too busy, she takes Toph with her instead. On their outing, Katara tries to prove her toughness by sneaking into a rowdy male-only bar.


Ever since Team Avatar set up camp near a Fire Nation town a few days prior, Katara has yearned to ease her boredom by visiting it, but no one wishes to go with her. Aang and Sokka are preoccupied with their own business and refuse any offers to go out. Out of options, Katara offers to go with only Toph into town, a proposal that she accepts when Katara mentions that the place she has in mind serves steak, unlike the spa date they had undertaken in Ba Sing Se. When they arrive at the bar, however, the bumper outside makes them leave because the establishment only caters to men. Katara, wishing to prove to Toph that she can be tough, comes up with a plan to dress as boys and trick the bumper into letting them enter, which the girls do easily.

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Katara nearly starts a bar fight.

Now that they are inside, Toph warns Katara that if the waterbender wishes to do well in a gritty place like the bar, she will have to make an effort to adjust her normally polite attitude into one that better accommodates their new peers. Katara takes this advice to heart by taking her turn on a mechanical bull, explaining to Toph that they are there not for the food, but for the "tough". She is quickly thrown off the bull and knocks into a patron who had been watching the spectacle. When back-and-forth insults between the two turn into threats, Toph knows it is time to leave before things become more heated, pulling Katara out by her collar.

Back at the campsite, Aang and Sokka question their friends about why they are back so soon and their peculiar outfits. Toph and Katara are too tired to explain and walk away. Soon enough, they are back in town, this time soaking in mud baths. Toph reconsiders and says that being girly once in a while may not be so bad.

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Series continuity

  • Toph mentions how the last time she bonded with Katara, she ended up "covered in makeup and smelling like a girl," an allusion to "The Tales of Ba Sing Se".

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