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Book of Clouds

Meng provided Aang with the Book of Clouds after learning of his plan to borrow it.

The Book of Clouds is a small tome used by fortunetellers as a way of forecasting the future. Aunt Wu made predictions by studying the clouds and comparing the shapes that she saw to the ones recorded in the book.[1]


When Aang, Katara, and Sokka traveled to Makapu Village, they attended one of Aunt Wu's cloud reading sessions. At the center of the town square, the fortuneteller predicted a bountiful harvest, a good year for twins, and that the volcano, Mt. Makapu, would not destroy the village.

When Aang and Sokka climbed the volcano to retrieve a panda lily, they discovered that the cauldron was about to erupt and destroy the entire village. When the villagers would not listen to the team's warning, Aang broke into Aunt Wu's fortunetelling chamber in order to borrow the Book of Clouds. While searching for it, the young Avatar was confronted by Meng, who gave him the book.

With the book, Aang and Katara used their airbending and waterbending respectively to bend the clouds into the form of a skull, the symbol for volcanic doom. After preventing the volcanic disaster, Aang returned the book to Aunt Wu, admitting that they had tampered with the cloud formations. Aunt Wu took no offense that Aang had borrowed her book.[2]

Cloud depictions[]

The book contains cloud shapes and what they represent for the year. The following signs are the ones mentioned by Aunt Wu, as well as what they predict:

  • A fluffy bunny forecasts doom and destruction.
  • A bending arrow predicts good crops and a plentiful harvest.
  • A wavy moon-shape heralds a great year for twins.
  • A cumulus cloud with a twisted nob signifies Makapu Village being safe from the volcano in a given year.
  • A human skull foreshadows volcanic doom.


  • Aunt Wu has owned this book since she was a little girl.[3]


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