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This article is about the second book of Avatar: The Last Airbender. For the second book of The Legend of Korra, see Book Two: Spirits.

The Complete Book 2 Collection's cover features Aang in the Avatar State in the background, hovering over the other members of Team Avatar.

Book Two: Earth () is the title of the second season of Avatar: The Last Airbender, created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, and the sequel to Book One: Water. The title refers to the Avatar Cycle: water, earth, fire, and air, and the story of Aang learning earthbending under the tutelage of Toph Beifong is a primary focus during this season.

The season began on March 17, 2006, with the airing of "The Avatar State", and ended on December 1 of the same year with "The Guru" and "The Crossroads of Destiny", both episodes airing on the same date. It was followed by Book Three: Fire, the third and final season.

In the iTunes release of Book Two, the episodes "The Serpent's Pass" and "The Drill" are combined into one episode titled "The Secret of the Fire Nation".

Official summary

"Avatar Aang continues his quest to master the four elements before the end of summer. Together with Katara, Sokka, Momo, and Appa, he journeys across the Earth Kingdom in search of an Earthbending mentor. Along the way, he confronts Princess Azula, treacherous daughter of Firelord Ozai and sister to Prince Zuko. More powerful than her brother, Azula will stop nothing to defeat the Avatar. But Aang and the gang find plenty of Earth Kingdom allies to help them along the way. From the swamps of the South to the Earth King's palace, Avatar: Book 2 is an adventure like no other. This deluxe box set includes all 20 action-packed chapters from Book 2: Earth."


Chapter Episode Episode name Airdate
1 21 "The Avatar State" March 17, 2006
2 22 "The Cave of Two Lovers" March 24, 2006
3 23 "Return to Omashu" April 7, 2006
4 24 "The Swamp" April 14, 2006
5 25 "Avatar Day" April 28, 2006
6 26 "The Blind Bandit" May 5, 2006
7 27 "Zuko Alone" May 12, 2006
8 28 "The Chase" May 26, 2006
9 29 "Bitter Work" June 2, 2006
10 30 "The Library" July 14, 2006
11 31 "The Desert" July 14, 2006
12 32 "The Serpent's Pass" September 15, 2006
13 33 "The Drill" September 15, 2006
14 34 "City of Walls and Secrets" September 22, 2006
15 35 "The Tales of Ba Sing Se" September 29, 2006
16 36 "Appa's Lost Days" October 12, 2006
17 37 "Lake Laogai" November 3, 2006
18 38 "The Earth King" November 16, 2006
19 39 "The Guru" December 1, 2006
20 40 "The Crossroads of Destiny" December 1, 2006

The episodes were released on four DVDs (five episodes to a DVD) and later as a box set containing all twenty episodes of the season. The DVDs were released throughout the year 2007.

DVD Volume title Episodes Release date
Avatar The Last Airbender – Book 2: Earth, Volume 1 "The Avatar State", "The Cave of Two Lovers", "Return to Omashu", "The Swamp", "Avatar Day" January 23, 2007
Avatar The Last Airbender – Book 2: Earth, Volume 2 "The Blind Bandit", "Zuko Alone", "The Chase", "Bitter Work", "The Library" April 10, 2007
Avatar The Last Airbender – Book 2: Earth, Volume 3 "The Desert", "The Serpent's Pass", "The Drill", "City of Walls and Secrets", "The Tales of Ba Sing Se" May 22, 2007
Avatar The Last Airbender – Book 2: Earth, Volume 4 "Appa's Lost Days", "Lake Laogai", "The Earth King", "The Guru", "The Crossroads of Destiny" August 14, 2007
Avatar The Last Airbender – The Complete Book 2 Collection All episodes of Book Two – see above September 11, 2007


  • This season of the Avatar series won several awards, including a 2007 Emmy Award for "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation".[1]
  • The final two episodes of Book Two, "The Guru" and "The Crossroads of Destiny", were the most-watched episodes of this season, reaching 4.40 million viewers in the U.S.[2]
  • This is the last season in which Mako Iwamatsu voices Iroh, as the role is continued by Greg Baldwin in Book Three after Iwamatsu's passing.


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