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Boiling Rock Rescue is a game hosted on It revolves around the third book of the series, namely the episodes entitled "The Boiling Rock, Part 1" and "The Boiling Rock, Part 2".


Prince Zuko has infiltrated the fearsome Boiling Rock prison on a dangerous rescue mission. Now allied with Avatar Aang, he must attempt to free the Fire Nation's prisoners.


  • Up arrow key – Walk upward
  • Down arrow key – Walk downward
  • Left arrow key – Walk leftward
  • Right arrow key – Walk rightward


Boiling Rock Rescue gameplay

Zuko holds a torch as he makes his way through the Boiling Rock.

The player's goal is to collect enough keys to free all the prisoners on the cell block and lead them safely to the exit hatch. Along the way, some extra points can be earned by collecting "prison booty". However, one should be on the lookout for prison guards patrolling the hallways who are set on safeguarding the prison's perfect record of no escapes. Armed with "bolo nets", Zuko can tie up any guard he touches, but he can only carry up to three nets at a time.


  • Despite having been mentioned on the game's actual instruction screen as allied with Zuko, Aang does not make an appearance in Boiling Rock Rescue.

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