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The term "Blue jay" has not been confirmed by official sources.

The blue jay is a passerine native to the Earth Kingdom. It is coalesced into mainstream society and can often be found alongside humans in more developed and populated regions. The blue jay has adapted to urbanization and can be found in heavily settled areas, such as Ba Sing Se.[1] However, it is not dependent on humans for its survival, as evidenced by the flock that still inhabits the abandoned city of Taku.[2]


The blue jay, as its name suggests, is predominantly blue, except for its white underside and eye markings. This creature has a distinctive crest atop its head that is identical in color to its plumage. The crests are crowns of feathers, which lower and rise in accordance to the particular blue jay's mood. The blue jay's plumage is blue in the crest, back, wings, and tail. The entirety of the blue jay's face is also blue, save the feathers surrounding the eyes, which are white in coloration. The underside is also white, surrounded by a dark blue trimming, a feature also seen in the wings. Several dark blue feathers are scattered among the creature's tail. Blue jays have light brown talons as well as beaks.


The blue jay is a non-hybridized creature. As such, it is directly comparable to the real world blue jay, though unlike its real world counterpart, the blue jay lacks the distinctive black markings around the head, eyes, and wings.


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