• Rassilon of Old

    This is something I've been planning to do ever since watching the two-episode internet premiere, and since it's finally aired on Nickelodeon, this is my last chance to do so before "The Revelation" airs this weekend. I plan to review each episode of The Legend of Korra after it airs, so stay tuned to my blog to see what I think about each episode, and comment below to tell me what you thought about the episode, and my opinions. Let's get started!

    "Welcome to Republic City"
    Korra leaves the safety of her home and travels to bustling Republic City to begin her airbending training. Once there, she is shocked to find a big city full of corruption and dangers, including criminal bending gangs and a vocal anti-bending revolution.
    "A Leaf in the Wind…

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  • Kuzonkid7

    Hello, Korramaniacs (real word) to another review by yours truly. Now first off is my never anticipated in my own eyes, account.

    First, after discussing PB, Korra is talking with Tenzin, while a lemur flies by about how hard airbending is. He explains how she isn't exactly good with focusing, concentrating, etc. So, she goes to the leaf thing with Bookworm, Chatty Cathy, and The Troll. Tenzin explains, while BW demonstraits. Korras all like *yawn* Let's do this, and gets her butt wooped by pieces of wood.She is then frustraited and walks away. Then, that night she's all like I'm a ninja who wants to listen to Pro-bending. She listens for awhile but, Mr. Spiritual cuts the program off, infuriated by his father's behaviors. Next day They medi…

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  • MateyY

    A Leaf in the Wind Review

    March 24, 2012 by MateyY

    This is my review of the second Legend of Korra episode. Warning: it contains some major spoilers.

    Overview: Korra tries to learn airbending, but she doesn't truly give in to understanding it. Tenzin, on the other hand, is not very understand of her either. Korra requests that she goes to the Bending Arena to see a pro-bending match, but Tenzin strictly refuses. Korra listens to the radio of some of her White Lotus guards. She hears about the Fire Ferrets, but the time of enjoyment is ended by Tenzin when they are discovered.

    Next day Korra meditates with the rest of the family, but she cannot stand doing nothing. In the night, she sneaks out to the pro-bending arena. There she meets Toza who is in the process of calling security on her, but is…

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  • The 888th Avatar

    There are a few rules-of-thumb in the popular entertainment world that pundits like to throw around in all their wisdom. These rules always seem to become cast-iron laws of the earth when it comes to sequels or spin-offs. You know them – "it's always worse than the original", "they just recycle the plot", or the classic "it's too different".

    After watching the premiere of this particular sequel, though, I think it's fair to say that none of those labels apply here. In fact, I'll go out on a limb and say that if the whole series lives up to the standard of its first two episodes, then those pundits will be in the uncomfortable position of admitting that their supposed laws of the earth have a glaring exception. Reserve your forever pessimisti…

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