TheFireAndflame TheFireAndflame 2 days ago

ATLA Atlas

Alright, So i have seen an atlas game on the Pokemon Fandom where you do this

you have to say an ATLA related word and and continue with the last letter of the previous word.

For example:

User 1: Toph

User 2: Haru

User 3: Unalaq

So, basically it's like that.

Alright, let's start with A!


Ps: You don't have to use bold (:

Oh, and also there's rules!

  1. No cussing
  2. No unrelated things to ATLA and LOK
  3. You can repeat a word

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Zacatero Zacatero 2 days ago

Kataang was not a good ship

This is the third blog post in my series, where I lay out my hot takes in a longer format. My first one, goes in depth into my opinion why I think Legend of Korra is better than the first series, and my second one goes into my theories on Iroh before Ozai took power.

This one, as the title says, is on my opinion about Kataang, which is the relationship between Katara and Aang.

  • 1 "Just because it's endgame, doesn't mean it's a good ship"
  • 2 Aang's point of view
  • 3 Katara's point of view
  • 4 No Buildup
  • 5 Conclusion

I've said this quote a lot and it comes up a lot in my opinion. Yes, it was clear from the very beginning that this relationship was going to happen. It's the "Jim and Pam" of this series. However, there was very little actually supporting this r…

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AvatarFanfictionMaster AvatarFanfictionMaster 2 days ago

Avatar What If...

Okay so just a little something to make you think for a while. So what if at the end of the show Aang wakes up and Gyatso is right there. He says "Aang are you okay?" You were knocked out for quite a while. How are you feeling?" Aang would be so confused and would then realize Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, and Suki weren't there. He would yell for them wondering where they were but Gyatso would respond asking him, "Who are these people you speak of? What is this 100 year war you are talking about? C'mon we have to find you a water bending teacher." All the memories Aang had made. All the jokes Sokka made. All the rocks Toph threw at him. All that time Zuko spent chasing them. All a dream. Just a little thought guys.

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Hanabi-chan Hanabi-chan 3 days ago

Preview of My Next Fanon: Unity

Hello everybody. For those who do not know, I completed my fanon Burdens of Blood today. Some are already wondering what I have next, and I've only mentioned it to other moderators on discord which I feel bad about because the general public still knows nothing about it yet. I'm still in the very early stages of planning it and I don't even know how many chapters it will be, though I don't expect it to be more than 10. I can't say when I'll even be ready to publish my first chapter. I also might post this fanon on other websites besides Avatar Wiki, such as AO3.

Unity is the story about Oma and Shu, the two lovers who predated the great city of Omashu and the first to learn earthbending from Badgermoles. The story does take place during the e…

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LemonLaCroix LemonLaCroix 5 days ago

How to make more bending subtypes!

I posted this as a response but I think its its on discussion so I'll make a page for it.

Ok, so I’ve been thinking about extra bending types and I think I figured out how they work. If you look at how Amon stops benders he bloodbends their chakras; damaging and closing them. Chakras are how people bend, so if an earth bender opened there fire chakra (Which is opened with confidence and self worth) they unlock lavabending. Bolin does this when he finally believes he can do more then bend basic earth (CONFIDENCE AND SELF WORTH). So if you look at the 7 chakras, what they represent, how you open them you can really see how different benders get new moves. Opening the divine consciousness chakra (opened by connection to spirits) Jinora can use…

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Bigeli2010 Bigeli2010 9 days ago

About ATLA and the ATLA Fandom

I'm quitting the Avatar fandom, not because of the community but my boredom in the show now. When your bored of the show, you get bored of the community and the fan fic. Honestly I cannot lie that the Avatar Fandom is one of the nicest out there and the articles are astonishing. With this being said, you can see my series start at other fandoms like Attack on Titan and Narutopedia. I'm thinking about discontinuing my series but I have not decided yet. I will come back sometimes but will not post on the discuss page. Goodbye, I love you guys.

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Bolins.GF Bolins.GF 9 days ago

Hey guys!

Welcome to my new blog guys! I’ll be writing about me and my BF’s, Bolin, day, and posting my Tokka Fanfiction. Nothing is really happening right except us chilling on Airbender island. I will have something for tomorrow though!

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Zackh85 Zackh85 10 days ago

Aangs Distant Relationship with Kya and Bumi

Kya and Bumi complained their father never had the time or gave them much attention. Is it possible Kya travelled the world to find some sort of spiritual enlightenment and achievement not only for self understanding and fulfilment, but to get attention and recognition of her father.

Tenzin mentioned she said wanted to travel the world to find herself. Could that also be because she always felt like she was living in her parents shadow and was trying to understand her identity seperate from them? Feeling ignored by her father, must have given her alot of time to contemplate who she really was and what she was destined to do and become. Did Bumi join military to prove to himself and his father that he is just as capable as any bender? Did he…

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Zackh85 Zackh85 10 days ago

The Avatar Last Airbender and Legend of Korra Continuation

Are there going to be more Last Airbender and Legend of Korra Series? It would be great to learn more about what happens after the war with the fire nation, the formation of republic City, and the life Aang and Kitara have when they get married.

Will there be a continuation of the Legend of Korra? In the past comics and animations we learner about the spirit, material world, the human and avatar spirit and cycles. I assumed that the spirit of Wan the 1st avatar is also the spirit of Korra, the human spirit that gets reincarnated with Rava over and over. I guessed that Rava helps retain the memories of each incarnation, the memories she shares with the human spirit each incarnation. When Rava was attacked Vatu, Vatu destroyed the memories Ra…

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Zackh85 Zackh85 10 days ago

Avatar The Last Airbender Continuation: Azulas Torment

It would be great if they produced the arc series they intended which explaines Azulas story after the avatar series "The Search," in detail. It would be interesting to know what happens to Azula and how she resolves her feelings so she find peace and accept herself.

She is a prisoner of her own torment and has a very complex personality. It would be interesting to know how she faces her demons in order to heal and resolve her past. I suspect it would not be easy. Do you think for a time she would test peoples loyalty by continuing to be abnoctious in order to see whether love and trust are genuine and worth trusting? Because she holds so much fear and uses it to feel safe and self assured as she has never felt like she was truly loved and …

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