• Fenris Wolfbrother

    Alone time

    September 28, 2020 by Fenris Wolfbrother

    I don't expect anyone to see or respond to this, better yet there's the chance it'll be removed but whatever.

    After seeing the ugly side of the avatar fanbase (namely in regards to korra and her show) since I decided to get back into the show in march of this year I have decided to leave the fandom and fanbase, I'll still be following a few pages and I'll pop in every once and awhile but all of the negativeity and nastyness towards the legend of korra and korra herself has driven me nuts and I tried ignoring it for as long as I could but I can't take it any more, for me honestly love for korra and her show are overshadowed by the hate, biasness, double standard/sexist slander and frankly it's sicken me to no end and frankly I can no longer…

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  • Girraffe123jk18

    Hi, I am new to Avatar Wiki and I want to write about the comics.

    I just recently read the comics and I really like them! I finished Avatar and heard about the comics. I really wanted to read them but I was so happy about how the show ended I did not want to spoil it if the comics were not as great. I really wanted mor of Team Avatar so I read them anyway. I loved them.

    It really feels just like another episode. The drawing are great and the whole format is easy to read. I am not going to spoil anything but I think that the stories in it are good. I do not neccesarily think that the comics give you a deeper understanding of Avatar but I think that they are worth reading anyway.  Another great thing about the comics is the fact that they are …

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  • JinoraFan1


    September 15, 2020 by JinoraFan1

    Hey everyone is JINORA in Ruins of the Empire?? I have only read the first book because the others are coming in... So, is she in Ruins of the Empire parts 2 & 3?

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  • Zacatero

    I've discussed all of these opinions separately, but never really in one thread. So I wanted to put together my reasoning for why I feel The Legend of Korra is a better series overall, than Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    For obvious reasons, animation quality is not a factor in this since that'd be unfair to the first series.

    Because of the way the story is set up, and what happened before the story starts, we see later in The Avatar and the Fire Lord effectively the last time before Aang emerges from the iceberg that the Avatar was doing something Avatar-related. Subsequently, we also know that 12 years after that, all of the airbenders are killed. This means that 99 years later, when Aang re-emerges, not only has nobody seen an airbender for …

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  • Aang on a sec

    Before I get to the interview, I’d just like to give a thanks to a few people. First off, I’d like to thank everyone who sent in questions. Without you, we wouldn’t have had an interview. It took an hour, but I am very happy to say that we did get through every question submitted. Next, I’d like to thank Frui, Thor and Lostris. You all answered the questions in such great detail and managed to put up with my constant nagging about this (especially HoT) so that deserves a lot of thanks. Finally, I’d like to thank my co-host Gligo. I didn’t think I would find anyone half as eager about this as me, but I did in Gligo. They were a huge help, and without them this just wouldn’t have happened.

    An additional thank you goes to Blais, as though…

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  • Lucylucky8


    August 18, 2020 by Lucylucky8

    I dought anyones going to see this but, in Legend of Korra, there are SO MANY Air Nomads! How is this possible? Aang had one Airbending kid,    (unless you count Bumi) Tenzin, and he had 3 kids, but how in the world did so many Air Nomads just appear?  Can someone please explain?

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  • Pvzhfan2011

    TLoK Book 5?

    August 18, 2020 by Pvzhfan2011

    I've been looking at Fanons and found tons of TLoK stuff.I want an opinion about what will happen after Book 4,and maybe about Book 5 predictions.It would be great if there were more scenes of the fire nation.I hope there would be more special abilities in TLoK.The evolution of avatar and legend of korra will continue to develop.Thank you for reading!

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    What do you guys think that happened to Suki and Sokka after ATLA finished /the comics too

    I think like Bryke said they moved to the suburbs honestly i believe in that they probably didn't wanted any kids or mby they had 1 or more but they are non benders and that's why they are not " important" comment what do you guys think and your theory's 

    IF YOU ARE THINKING TO SAY SUKI IS DEAD LEAVE THE PAGE RN hahahah JK tell me what is your theory then

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  • Aang on a sec

    I am excited to announce that the Avatar Wiki Discord will be hosting a Q&A with three of the AW administrators! This is your opportunity to ask Fruipit, HammerOfThor or Lady Lostris anything you want! Maybe you want to ask Fruipit about the Fanon side of the wiki? Perhaps you’re interested in the AW Discord, and want to ask Thor about it? If you want, you could ask Lostris about being a SOAP (Spam Obliteration and Prevention) member and the AW Bureaucrat and Wiki Manager!

    When will the interview be taking place?

    The interview will be taking place on the 22nd August at 10am UTC. We apologise to those of you in the US and areas in similar time zones, as this will be in the early hours for you, but this was the only time all three admins co…

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  • Minnichi

    Come celebrate the revival of the Avatar fandom! With the series re-release on Netflix our community is BACK and on fire, baby! The Ba Sing Se Times staff can't wait to show ya what we're all about. Come hither and rejoice with us.

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  • Markus1423

    This extensive post will attempt to dispel the notion that while Zuko is a member of Team Avatar, Suki is not. This topic has come been discussed several times before but without a rigorous examination of the factual evidence. Moreover, the exclusion of Suki is a recurrent theme in many posts and fan-arts, commonly leading to inquiries in the comments as to why she was not included. Given the effort that artists put into their pieces, it is ideal to identify a solution that both respects the series’ canon and remains factual, while also ameliorating the divide between the two groups. This is intended to persuade the reader that Suki is, in fact, a member of Team Avatar alongside Zuko.

    The specific objective here is not to argue for the over…

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  • Irohsjasminetea

    Today is an exciting day for Avatar fans as it marks the release date of The Shadow of Kyoshi. If you have not read the first novel: The Rise of Kyoshi, I highly recommend you do so. I read it earlier this year and absolutely loved it. My copy of The Shadow of Kyoshi is in the mail and cannot come soon enough!

    Another exciting thing that was announced today is that The Legend of Korra series will be added to Netflix in the US on August 14th. I'm hoping that it will hit the top 10 list just as ATLA did when it was added earlier this year. Since I'm a Canadian, I'm hoping that it is added in the US means that it will eventually be added in Canada.  I'm also hoping that the new popularity of Avatar will encourage another animated series after …

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  • XTeodor12

    About ATLA

    July 20, 2020 by XTeodor12

    Avatar: The Last Airbender is a very great TV show. The movie was cringe though. I must thank Nickelodeon for creating such a wonderful TV show. The TV show is so famous, that many young people, including me, started posting memes about how ATLA is so great.

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  • HammerOfThor

    Welcome, everyone, to the fifth edition of the Avatar Wiki User Awards! It is my great honour and pleasure to host the awards this year, and I hope to continue the excellent precedent set by previous hosts in making this a wonderful and exciting experience for everyone. Since the last User Awards were more than five years ago, for many of you this will be your first experience, so welcome. We have snacks. And to those users thinking "wow, has it really been five years since the last awards, damn I'm getting old", welcome back and congratulations on making it this far.

    From your host:

    Welcome, everyone, to the fifth edition of the Avatar Wiki User Awards! It is my great honour and pleasure to host the awards this year, and I hope to continue …

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  • Lady Lostris
    Happy Avatar Wiki Birthday all!!

    It's with the appropriate amount of pride that I can announce today that our beloved Avatar Wiki has been around for 15 years today! That's an incredible achievement, one that many of us had never thought possible. So yes, most definitely order that cake and give yourself a round of applause!

    The Avatar Wiki was one of the first 1,000 wikis to be created on the Fandom (then Wikia) platform by Howabout1. It started expanding on its encyclopedia and in an effort to attract more contributors and visitors, the Avatar Wiki and Avatar Fanon Wiki joined forces on June 27, 2009, which led to the creation of the separate fanon portal that is still active today.

    Now, 15 years later, the wiki has grow to be one of the most…

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  • Ezgi.44


    I'm done with the line art of the character but there's a long way to go! I'm designing a new character for the Avatar fandom, the next avatar after Korra. She was definitely going to be an earthbender cause of the cycle and I wanted to make her a female because Earthbenders are described as though, unbreakable so many people would make them a male, but I want to show the strong parts of females (like Toph). And there are a lot of great female characters in the series so why not add another one to the collection:) Oh, and last but not least, there were two male characters in a row, Aang and Roku, then comes Korra so I wanted to equal the numbers, 2 male, 2 female avatar in a row! Yay!

    Ye that's all lol.

    I would love to take critique btw…

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  • AzulaTheMoonPeach
    • Air Nomad's Fruit Pie
    In Avatar The Last Airbender and in The Legends of Korra you see many of great appetizing food and deserts through out the series. The fruit pie was one of the Air Nomads' most popular deserts and they would sell each one for a sliver piece of course never keeping any of the profit and always giving it to a better cause. Airbending definitly played a part in the beautiful sweet creation. Airbending helped add a quick fusion of air into the filling. A very weightless delious treat.
    • 8 ozs cream cheese, room temperature
    • 1 can sweetened condensed milk
    • 1 premade pie crust, room temperature
    • 4 egg yolks
    • 4 tbsps blueberry puree
    • 4 tbsps strawberry puree
    • 4 tbsps orange juice
    • 4 tbsps lemon juice
    • 1 cup heavy whipping cream (optio…
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  • Genzo15

    I have watched avatar series from Aang to Korra. what will be the next series of avatars after korra? if anyone knows please send a message to my email I really like the avatar series

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  • TheFanficKid

    Who did Sokka end up with is a big question that most Avatar fans ask. But we never get the answer. The two most possible candidates are Suki and Toph.

    Suki is the most likely out of the two as she was dating Sokka when Avatar The Last Airbender finished. 

    She was always happy when Sokka was around and the two kind if clicked. She forgave Sokka when he was being sexist towards the Kiyoshi warriors and overall was just plain kind to Sokka. She was the kindest out of Team Avatar to him. Honestly, thats what makes her one of my favourite characters as she is so underrated as a non bender.  Also, she later became a bodyguard for Zuko (Its not seen in the show but in the comics and Sokka became the chief of the sourthen water tribe (that is menti…

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  • The Laziest Bum

    After watching avatar the last air bender, I thought the power system makes sense, it never raised me to ask question regarding the power system, I don't remember telling myself that 'oh, these guys should've done that during that time" none of that, the power are incredibly balanced and well the last part was a but he is the avatar so I wasn't really bothered by it much, and the characters are really really good, it is up there with some of the greatest character development in anime, but legend of Korra, the first two season was a lack luster, I hate how mako can't seem to get into a proper relationship, I hate Korra in the biginning and asami didn't feel like the strong and badass girl like katara was, but tbh I d…

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  • Tono555

    Hello, everybody! It's been a while, huh? At least it's only been three months this time! The Fanonbenders hope you are all doing okay and hope you're looking forward to doing some summer writing!

    First, we'd like to congratulate everybody who submitted an entry for Contest 18 because there was a three-way tie! I never saw that coming, but it was great to see we had so many quality fanon entries for last contest. I expect the same this time, but no pressure. Anyway, as the rules clearly state on our voting page, the first submitted fanon in case of a tie is the one that wins. With that being said, I'd like to hereby congratulate for Hikar's Spiritual Chronicles! Feel free to add

    If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact an…

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  • Bomochu

    Welcome! Today I'll be reviewing Avatar Colosseum, by Corvus Pathoris. As the name above implies, this fanon is all about analysing Avatar characters and pitting them against each other in battle. 

    As a fan of the reasonably-popular "Death Battle" series now owned by RoosterTeeth, I must say I was quite excited to be reviewing this fanon. Not only because of the link to a few real-world series that do a similar thing, but also because Avatar Colosseum as far as I'm aware is one of its only kind on the Avatar Wiki. 

    I had to make some changes to the categories since some don't apply to this fanon. Also, my own views on who should have won a battle did not affect scores, but rather, whether a victory/defeat had been justified adequately is what s…

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  • Mrlemonsgaming

    Hello everyone who decided to stop by to see what I have to say. First of all, before I get into anything I want to say I am a big Kataang person. I get it, Anti-Zutara in 2020 isn't really, well... Kataang won. And I have to say it fills me with... joy? Honestly, whenever there is a Kataang moment it just makes me happy. Anyways, back to the important part. One big argument I've come across from Zutara shippers is that Aang is 12. Now this doesn't seem very big but accompanied by some evidence its actually a strong argument. Katara is 14. Girls generally tend to go through the early teenage time period faster than guys and are more mature at a younger age (generally). Girls of around Katara's age tend to like guys that are a bit older tha…

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  • Slightly embittered

    I'm an Earth Science Education major and have studied Geology for over 4 years.  I even teach geology at the high school (or secondary school) level.  

    What's really amazing about being iin Avatar is that it follow real scientific rules and trends.  However, I've seen a lot of misconceptions about bending within the fanbase.  This is mostly because most fans don't have a background in science.  These misconpections get said over and over until people think it is fact.  

    As a teacher I'm no stranger to misconceptions about science, and have started a youtube channel talking about the science of bending.  I hope it can help people better understand science, and combat the misconceptions within the fanbase.

    Video link: Earth Bending 101 | How ea…

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  • Dcasawang1

    All three books of Avatar: The Last Airbender are available to watch now on Netflix US from May 15, 2020.

    To celebrate this, Netflix streamed a "Countdown to Launch" with a 6 hour-domino tribute the night before, which you can watch here on Netflix's official Twitch account.

    Nickelodeon has launched a dedicated "Avatarverse" Youtube channel, advertised with a trailer that announces:

    Welcome to the Avatar: The Last Airbender channel–– the ultimate home for all things Avatar! Here you will find the best uncut battles from the series, deep dives into the expansive lore of the world, and the most memorable moments from all of your favorite characters from Aang to Zuko. On top of that, there will be plenty of Legend of Korra, graphic novel features, an…

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    May 6, 2020 by

    Hello folks!

    I am excited to start my complete Avatar journey here on wiki and I thought I would start off with some of my favorite things about Avatar and everything else having to do with the universe. First off, Zuko is one of my favorite characters. Although he goes through a lot of changes throughout the Avatar series, he deals with a lot of inner trouble which is something I can relate to as a person and just knowing and feeling what it's like to not exactly BELONG somewhere. I have a feeling that other people connect to him for the very reason that he is one of the very many well-developed characters in the Avatar universe.

    Secondly, I do in fact like Legend of Korra. I think it is a great cartoon that also deals with the current thin…

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  • Legorobin6

    Sokka and Toph are the best.

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  • Minnichi

    Come celebrate the end of the world with The Ba Sing Se Times! It's a total apocalypse today and you won't want to miss a thing. Oh, and you also have a chance to become the next Grand Secretariat of the newsletter; see Minnichi's statement for details.

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  • Fruipit

    Come one, come all to the fanontastic fanonbender’s fanon competition!

    The most recent competition wasn’t recent enough, but it’s a new dawn, a new day, a new life, and we’re feeling pretty good about the recent (ongoing) revitalisation of the portal.

    Step one: bring the gang back together (complete)

    Step two: provide more opportunities and reasons for the users on the wiki to engage with the portal (ongoing).

    And the first step in completing the second step is to restart the fanonbender’s fanon contest.

    For those of you who weren't here for the last one, or who have simply forgotten how it works, the contest is structured thusly (with some minor changes):

    The fanonbenders (, , and ) choose a prompt and perhaps some conditions such as maximum wo…

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  • Fruipit

    Come one, come all to the fanontastic revitalisation of the fanon... everything. The fanon site, the fanonbenders, fanon! Fanon, fanon, fanon! (does it look like a made-up word yet?)

    Just how we all get nostalgic for the Disney golden age, so too are we nostalgic for the old days of the fanon portal. But, those days have been and gone, and now we need to look to the future. (here we are in the futureeeee......)

    So there are a few things that we're working to change, update or improve. There is currently a War Room forum regarding a few (potential) changes to the way we categorise fanons. We currently have a completed and a discontinued category; the proposal argues the need for an 'active' category so users can find stories that are currentl…

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  • Minnichi

    We're here with your secret valentine submissions and can't wait for you to read them. May all your romantic dreams come true and if not, read the BSST anyway. You know you want to.

    From the Editor: The Oogies Are Back!

    My beloved BSST readers (however many of you actually exist),

    What do you mean it's not actually Valentine's Day today? Don't you know that we have our own definition of time? The members of the BSST staff identify as Time Lords, so, we have every say in deciding what day it is. And we're not tardy.

    Anyway, thank you for taking the time celebrate love on Avatar Wiki! (And I know it's totally not because you're single and have nothing to do, right? You love this place!) You might be here mainly for the modest collection of anony…

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  • Minnichi

    Send a secret valentine before it's too late! Your love will be featured in the BSST's February-exclusive issue, and we guarantee it'll be oogie-rific.

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  • Minnichi

    Merry Christmas, Avatar Wiki! And if you don't celebrate Christmas, then Happy Holidays to you! Either way, get your Holiday spirit on and join the partay!

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  • Bomochu

    "It's alive! Mwuhahaha!..."

    Yes folks, you heard it right! The Ba Sing Se Times will be making a return just in time for Halloween! But we need your help.
    For the next issue, we're calling on all fanon authors to answer the following question:

    "What is your fanon character's greatest fear?"

    Does the fear of being controlled by a bloodbender haunt your character's dreams? Or getting lost in the spooky and mysterious spirit world? Does your fanon character avoid travelling across oceans out of sheer terror for what lurks in the deep abyss below? Whatever it is, we want to hear from you!

    Get your entries in quick to have them featured in the next BSST issue!

    👻 Click here to send us your entry!👻

    -The BSST Staff

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  • FireLordMeh

    So I spent a four-hour car ride brainstorming if I were to make a new Avatar series, where I would begin. Since I was young I've loved telling good stories with detailed plot and character development and hope to eventually start publishing novels. I've read about the "twins" idea and it's completely stupid. Vaatu was executed poorly to begin with, and we do not need to bring Korra's failures into Avatar by creating an evil twin. Also, having twins split Raava's spirit in some way and "sharing the elements" is totally contrary to everything we know. No, there is one Avatar and while it would be cool to explore a sibling or twin dynamic, that does not need to be the entire premise of the new series. Here is my suggested alternate idea:


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  • TechFilmer

    Hi, y'all.

    As we all know, Bryan and Mike are now helming a new, live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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  • AvatarRokusGhost

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my first ever friendly neighborhood ghostly interview. Now that the Fanon Review Squad and Fanon Fact Finders have merged, I have an opportunity to start a new series where I ask questions of fanon authors about their stories and their writing, so that we can delve into the worlds of their imagination together. Today, I will be interviewing someone well-known around Avatar Wiki (or is it Avatar Fandom now? Don't ask me, the site I joined had mainspace comments, user talk pages, anonymous users and fanon admins) , author of the award-winning !

    Hey Minn. How are you doing today?
    Hello there, Ghost of Roku! Thanks for having me. I’m feeling quite groovy, how about you?
    I'm doing well. So, let's dive in! What were your …

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  • Chaoticavatar

    Okay, so I had a fanon story that I kind of abandoned, It was essentially that 14 years before Aang got out of the ice-burg, Vaatu was released from the tree of time and reincarnated as the Chaotic avatar, or avatar of chaos(whichever you prefer,)  a boy named Beriku, a water bender born into a fire nation family.  the story was going to the point of Beriku meeting his Great-uncle Monsuta Chi who would have taught him water bending, he would eventually realize that Monsuta had formed a secret society of water benders, some fire benders, and of course... Bloodbenders.  Monsuta offers Beriku join him, but he declines, leading to the two dueling, Beriku winning while mastering bloodbending, from there he realizes what he is, joins the war, re…

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  • JaengMei

    It centres around an adult avatar, 10,000 years or so from Korra's time. Vaatu has been reborn inside of the Avatar spirit and mostly taken over. It is revealed that it was always his plan for Korra to defeat him so he could be reborn inside the Avatar and become a true "dark avatar". This has led to a long line of "evil" avatars that have each brought about tyranny, destruction and chaos in the world. The world no longer remembers the good avatars like Korra and as a result the world fears and hates the Avatar.

    I envision this story as a one-book thing that centres mostly around inner conflict and trying to defeat Vaatu which means bending won't be what drives the plot forward. Throughout the story the purpose of the Avatar's role will be …

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  • Gotlvr87

    Episode: "The Voice in the Night"                                                                                                                                                                               

    While Meelo displays no shortage of embarassing and/or off-color behavior, one of the most memorable instances was at the gala Tarlok held to bribe Korra onto his task force. Soon after their arrival, Tenzin embarassedly shouts "Meelo! No, that's not a toilet!" and covers his face in shame. Personally, I imagined a punch bowl or some kind of fountain as the culprit. Either way, it's not a very pleasant image. We don't know if Meelo was stopped in time, but as the incident was never mentioned again, I think it's safe to say most people …

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  • Chaoticavatar


    April 2, 2019 by Chaoticavatar

    Ok, hit a bit of a roadblock with a character in Chaos is Life.  I'm considering giving Rokai a role as a main character, being the groups fire bender/medical man, in a few chapters, though nothing concrete and I plan to add two more characters, an earth bender and another character, both at the end of book one and in book 2, so I am not sure weather or not to give rokai the position, Aries can only hold so many people.  so I'm leaving it up to the community. 

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  • Gotlvr87

    Legend of Innuendo

    March 28, 2019 by Gotlvr87

    Like most franchises intended for younger audiences, Avatar also contains a fair amount of adult humor and innuendo to tickle the funny bones of older fans. In this blog series, Legend of Innuendo (henceforth labeled LoI), I thought it would be fun to highlight some of these sublte (and not so subtle) mature insertions and see what everyone thinks. No promises of regualrly-timed submissions, but will post as often as ideas come to me. Feel free to comment and debate. 

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  • Chaoticavatar

    I need ideas.

    March 27, 2019 by Chaoticavatar

    Hello my fellow benders, as you should probably know, I have uploaded Chaos is life to this site, but fact is I need a little help.  while the future plot for book One is sound, the other two books have more gaps then story, so if anyone has any ideas for events that should happen, please send em my way.  C.A., Out. 

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  • Chaoticavatar


    March 19, 2019 by Chaoticavatar

    hello everyone, I am currently writing a fanfic called Chaos is life, it can be found in the avatar section of, any ideas for what I should do with it are welcome. 

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  • Minnichi

    Happy New Year, Avatar Wiki! 2019 holds lots of surprises for this franchise, so have a cookie. Dance with someone!

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  • FireFerret

    Well everybody, another year is at it end. Although 2018's felt a bit like three years, hasn't it? As the year draws to a close I'd like to keep up the tradition the tradition I started last year, that is, of taking my time to thank the users who participate on the wiki, however that may be. By editing pages, engaging in discussion, writing fanon, etc! You're all valuable members of our community and I'm so happy to have all of you.

    For those of you who are returners, new, or otherwise missed out last year, here's a rundown of how user appreciation month goes. Anybody can respond in the comments with a user, list of users, category of users, etc., that they want to thank for something they've done this year, bonus points if you include reaso…

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  • Tono555

    Happy Halloween! We hope it was spooky (or spoopy) enough for everyone! Ours was great, reading all these awesome submissions. The authors definitely went for a Halloweeny feel, and we can tell! Unfortunately for us, we have to try and choose a winner.

    It was a close call, but this month, we've decided to crown , with his , as the winner. His oneshot was up to his usual quality (ie. absolutely amazing) and we really enjoyed it. The transitions seemed a little sudden at times, but the overall spookiness was fantastic!

    The other three were close. We loved – the first person really added to the chills, and though it wasn't a fast start, it was a horrifyingly satisfying ending! has all the aesthetics needed for an atmospheric Halloween story, …

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  • Tono555

    Hello all fanon portal authors! The time has come for another one of our contests!

    It has certainly been a while since our last contest, hasn't it? Just a little under three years, but who's counting? Anyway, I'm very happy to announce that we're back with a new prompt we'd like to see you all try! Since it is October, a month known for the famous holiday Halloween, we were thinking it would be nice to make this month's prompt "spooky themed"! Take "The Puppetmaster" for example - that was spooky.

    Feel free to write anything you come up with, but key points that will be evaluated are going to be:

    • Overall spookiness.
    • Grammar, spelling.
    • Between 2000 - 4000 words.

    For those of you who don't remember, this story can be a one-shot or a chapter of one o…

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  • Avatar Vasher

    Hello everyone. Ever since the upcoming Netflix reimagining for Avatar was announced, I have been wondering what sequence Netflix will use to transform the 3 Books into live action seasons. By that I mean that while this show only had 3 seasons and the episodes had a run-time of under half an hour, it was so visually intensive, epic in scope, and adventurous in terms of long distances traveled that they would probably be better off making the jump to live action by splitting the Books into at least 2 seasons, especially if they will just have 8–10 episodes per season like Game of Thrones and other shows from Netflix with a massive and expensive scope like Marco Polo.

    If the episodes themselves end up being around 45 minutes long then all th…

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  • FireFerret

    That's right, guys, we're not dead yet! From co-creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino comes a brand new live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    In an official statement from Bryan Konietzko, he says,

    "We’re thrilled for the opportunity to helm this live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender. We can’t wait to realize Aang’s world as cinematically as we always imagined it to be, and with a culturally appropriate, non-whitewashed cast.

    It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to build upon everyone’s great work on the original animated series and go even deeper into the characters, story, action, and world-building. Netflix is wholly dedicated to manifesting our vision for this retelling, and we’re incredibly gratef…

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