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Minnichi Minnichi 13 days ago

The Ba Sing Se Times, Issue 92: 4 July 2024

It's another glorious day for the Ba Sing Se Times, and we are so happy to see all your smiling (you're smiling, right?) faces come visit us.

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The Avatar Sequel Is Coming Out In 2026!

I've been waiting for a while now for a show or movie explaining what happened to the old avatar gang, and now, I'm happy to report (everyone probably already knows this) but the new avatar movie will come out in 2026! I'm so excited about the wonderful news! I can't wait to learn the question everyone probably wants to know about the old gang, (What happens next?)! I hope everyone who loves avatar will enjoy the news as much as I do! I hope you all enjoy the movie! Can't wait to see posts about how good it is in 2026!

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General B.H. General B.H. 24 April

Future AMJ Polls

Future AMJ polls will include a range of topics. It might take some work to get the art together for all of these.

Coolest Location: /

  1. Sha Ru's Temple
  2. Voren's Mountain Base
  3. Nyarri
  4. New Polexia
  5. Ren's Den
  6. Eggar's Island

Best Ship: /

  1. Macai & Azula
  2. Ty Lee & Rosh
  3. Kett & Kanna
  4. Dade & Sonna
  5. Ozai & Eyre?
  6. Alev & Hakon?

Best Fight/Rivalry:

  1. Macai vs Azula
  2. Rosh vs Haresh
  3. Kanna vs Alev
  4. Dade vs Basin
  5. Vindicated Avenger vs Macai
  6. Rosh vs Azula

Best Minor Character(s) Part 1:

  1. Captain Apeko
  2. Ronin
  3. Asad
  4. Silent Sisters
  5. Raggis Praxus
  6. General Ren

Best Minor Character Part 2:

  1. Director Goshal
  2. Alev
  3. Hakon
  4. Tufen
  5. Voren
  6. Solven

Best Minor Character Part 3:

  1. Beruto
  2. Hazo
  3. General Gambo
  4. Jarue
  5. Tyson
  6. Sada

Best Minor Character Part 4:

  1. Aiya
  2. Rosier
  3. Cosal
  4. Crazy Oktai
  5. Uriah
  6. Paz

Best Minor Character Part 5: (no pictures)

  1. Zyger
  2. Arret
  3. Gam…

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Jstewart2007 Jstewart2007 23 April

Best character

Who's the best character in all of Avatar?

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Rigatonium Rigatonium 5 March

Theoretical and possible sub bending

  • 1 Fire
    • 1.1 Lightning bending
    • 1.2 Lightning redirection
    • 1.3 Combustion bending
    • 1.4 Dragon fire
    • 1.5 Energy reading
    • 1.6 Heat control
    • 1.7 Light bending
    • 1.8 Gravity bending?
    • 1.9 Iron-bending/Magnetism-bending
    • 1.10 Ionized gas/(aka what is considered plasma) plasma bending
  • 2 Air
    • 2.1 Hypersensitivity
    • 2.2 Flight
    • 2.3 Spiritual projection
    • 2.4 Sound bending
    • 2.5 Vacuum bending
    • 2.6 Underwater breathing
    • 2.7 Bending liquid air
    • 2.8 Plasma bending
  • 3 Water
    • 3.1 Bending water out of thin air
    • 3.2 Bloodbending
    • 3.3 Healing
    • 3.4 Plantbending
    • 3.5 Wood bending
    • 3.6 Steam bending
    • 3.7 Underwater breathing
    • 3.8 Bonus
  • 4 Earth
    • 4.1 Glassbending
    • 4.2 Lavabending
    • 4.3 Liquifying earth
    • 4.4 Metalbending
    • 4.5 Sandbending
    • 4.6 Seismic sense
    • 4.7 Bone bending
    • 4.8 Superconductors
  • 5 Energy bending
    • 5.1 Astral projection
    • 5.2 Granting bending
    • 5.3 Removing bending
    • 5.4 Spirit…
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Minnichi Minnichi 17 February

The Ba Sing Se Times, Issue 91: 14 February 2024

Happy Valentine's Day from the Ba Sing Se Times! Your valentines have been answered, and Team Avatar has quite a bit to say to you.

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Minnichi Minnichi 1 February

2024 Anonymous Valentine Submissions Are Open!

Send a secret valentine before it's too late! Your love will be featured in the BSST's February-exclusive issue, and we guarantee it'll be oogie-rific.

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Minnichi Minnichi 7 April

The Ba Sing Se Times, Issue 90: 1 January 2024

Welcome to 2024, Avatar Wiki! Say hello to an all-new Ba Sing Se Times issue and more!

  • February 27 - Avatar: The Last Airbender: Heart of a Hero
  • June 18 - I Am Katara
  • July 2 - The Bounty Hunter and the Tea Brewer
  • August 20 - The Reckoning of Roku
  • August 27 - Avatar: The Last Airbender: My Cabbages!


  • Untitled Aang Avatar film
  • Beasts of the Four Nations: Creatures From Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra
  • Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game - The Spirit World
  • Mystery of Penquan Island
  • Two untitled Avatar Studios films
  • Untitled animated Avatar Studios television series

| wiki news = Wiki News:

  • Fandom released several technical updates since November. Read here
  • Check out Fandom's blog post on Generative AI and their approach to AI technology
  • Fando…
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AirMasterParker AirMasterParker 13 December 2023

I'm back!!! I think?

Hey guys, it's been a looooooong while. How have you been? I have to say, I really missed this place and so much of it, I admit I'm not the same person as when I was last active, it's been how many, 3 years, 4?

Time sure flies, I was 17-18 when I started Hikar and being here in the wiki and an active fan, and now I'm weeks away from turning 24. I would say I can't believe it but, it kinda doesn't surprise me.

Hopefully, people here might have missed me.

Anyways, I should address the elephant in the room: I've almost quit drawing and Hikar for a while, but I think I might have found motivation again to continue. For those who don't know, I was involved in the Legend of Genji as an artist, at some point I think I was the lead artist handling ta…

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Josh247tyson Josh247tyson 1 December 2023

Avatar the Last Airbender Characters: Good to Evil

Avatar: The Last Airbender Character: Good to Evil

Who could have guessed just how much Avatar content that fans would be receiving in the coming years? There’s an announcement of a brand-new Nickelodeon studio dedicated solely to the Avatar universe. With that, there’s been quite a bit of speculation, teases, and outright confirmation that we’ll be seeing new animated shows and movies very soon. It sounds like we’re about to have a whole Avatar Cinematic Universe on our hands. In the meantime, we over at WickedBinge think it’s time to update our own Avatar content with a brand new, extra-thorough look at the original series which is so near and dear to our hearts.

  • Avatar Aang (Gold medal of good)
  • Iroh (Silver of Good)
  • Appa/Momo (Bronze of Goo…

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