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Lady Lostris Lady Lostris 7 days ago

The Downstream - Friday, September 10 at 11am EST

Hey all! I wanted to invite you to Fandom's second The Downstream on Friday, September 10 at 11am EST (check for your local time here). It is a 2-hour live Twitch stream during which you will be briefed on what is happening on Fandom, with the latest news and updates.

This session will include 3 special guest, who will each bring a different set of expertise to the table:

  • Joey Merkel, Director of Social Strategy & Operations: discover what social media can do for your wiki.
  • Maggie Owens, Sr. Analyst - Site Analytics: observe how Fandom tracks and explains traffic trends on the platform.
  • Max Spector, Director of Brand Design: learn how the new logo came to be over the rebranding process.

After the presentations, some questions, previously submitted by admin…

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SkyGuy SkyGuy 12 days ago

Temporary Hiatus

I'm writing this blog post to let readers of my fanon, , know that it's going on temporary hiatus. The reason for this is that I just tested positive for COVID, and my diagnosis has left me unable to focus. I'll be back to editing when I've recovered, but until then there will be no new chapters. Sorry for the inconvenience.

SkyGuy, Wikia Writer×My Talk»~ 01:53, 5 September 2021 (UTC)

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WalkerwarriorYT WalkerwarriorYT 22 days ago

Fire nation civil war (by me, not the other one)

The Fire Nation Civil War

note: I did not know another fanfic of the same name exists before writing this, and yes, this is indeed inspired by the second world war)

By me lmao

The Start of the War

After Ozai was imprisoned and Zuko was declared Firelord, Hakoda, THe Earth king, and Arnook traveled to The Fire Nation to have a peace conference, and after an agreement with The Earth King, The Fire nation was forced to demilitarize the serpent’s pass, lose territory to the Southern Water Tribe, demilitarize their colonies, decommission 20% of their navy, have 70% of their soldiers forced to retire from the army, as well as having to pay the other nations lots of money, and after a week, Fire Lord Zuko put the new rules into effect.

After that, the…

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SkyGuy SkyGuy 27 days ago

Changing the title of my Fanon

I'm .

Some of you may know of or been reading the fanon story I've been writing the past few months, Avatar: The First Starbender. However, I never felt the title rolled off the tongue very well, even more so now that my offline drafts of later chapters seem to be taking off in another direction from my original intentions. And so, I've decided to change the title.

A few possible candidates so far include:

  • The Song of Earth & Stars
  • The Song of Balance
  • The Song of Ages
  • A Song of Fire & Earth
  • The Song of the Elements

I plan to change the title to something along these lines, but regardless my decision to change the title is set in stone. For those of you who've been following the story thus far, be aware of the coming change and watch for it.


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Minnichi Minnichi 10 August

The Ba Sing Se Times, Issue 76: 10 August 2021

Hello Avatar Wiki! This is Minnichi, your Editor-in-chief returning to power to inform you that The Zaofu Crush has unfortunately been discontinued. With great power comes great responsibility, you see, and not all can handle such a thing.

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Torryg Torryg 24 July

The Blocked Chakra

A small theory:

Aangs seventh chakra was never blocked, but his first.

In the season 2 finale Aang opened his seventh and last chakra and gained acces to the avatar-state. After that Azula struck him with lightning at the base of his spine:

"The first Chakra ist located AT THE BASE OF THE SPINE. It deals with survival and is blocked by fear."

Aang mentioned in season 3 that Azula blocked his seventh chakra but i think it is actually his first one that is blocked. Another clue that confirmes this theory a little bit more is something that Katara said in the episode "The Awakening":

"I can feel a lot of energy twisted up around there."

Right at the area where Aang was hit, the energy is twisted up and cannot flow, because the chakra in this area i…

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HammerOfThor HammerOfThor 15 July

Avatar Wiki User Awards - 2021

Welcome, everyone, to the sixth edition of the Avatar Wiki User Awards! It is my great pleasure to host the awards once again this year, and I will endeavour to continue the tradition set by previous hosts of making this an exciting and engaging experience for everyone. Much has changed for the Avatar franchise and for the wiki since the last User Awards, but what hasn't changed is the dedication and commitment shown by the users here, and as ever these awards are a chance to thank them for their efforts. Whether you have been here since the beginning or just joined yesterday, I hope you have fun.

From your host:

Welcome, everyone, to the sixth edition of the Avatar Wiki User Awards! It is my great pleasure to host the awards once again this y…

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LieutenantATLA LieutenantATLA 13 July


Hi! I'm going to finally start being active on the Wiki and do my best to help.

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Lady Lostris Lady Lostris 1 June

The FandomDesktop opt-in is now LIVE

After all the blogs Fandom shared with previews, FandomDesktop is now LIVE for you to check out! During this time, logged-in users will be able to switch from Oasis to FandomDesktop as their wiki experience through an opt-in toggle, found in an on-site banner and in user preferences. You will also be able to switch back by changing your user preferences.

Please do note that not everything has been developed yet, so expect changes to still occur. However, you already get access now so editors and admins get used to the new design and, especially, the admins can prepare this community for full migration, which will come early this summer.

Admins, you should definitely check out the new Theme Designer and the FandomDesktop preparation guide for ad…

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Bomochu Bomochu 30 May

FRRS Fanon Review - Avatar Colosseum Season 2, by Corvus Pathoris

Hello again Avatar Wikians! Today I'll be reviewing the second season of , by Corvus Pathoris.

Avatar Colosseum is truly a unique fanon on this wiki, with its combination of a 'canon-style' character analysis with an adrenaline-pumped fanon battle to conclude each round. While the first season and the bonus chapter are written exclusively by Corvus Pathoris, Season 2 reviewed here is a collaboration of many authors, some pitching in their own characters for battles or being the impartial judge of a battle's outcome.

The previous review of the first chapters can be found here.

Story Scores

Setting & Context: 6.9

On the whole, there was sufficient description for readers to envisage the characters' surroundings. The last chapter could have used a…

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