• Theavatardemotivator

    A review (and some demotivation) of Book 1: Water, Chapter 1: The Boy in the Iceberg.

    Hi there. I just recently began to watch the series, having purchased the boxed set, and I'm in love. Since I specialize in producing demotivational posters, I've decided to go through the series and do reviews, all while using DPs.

    For each link, just copy/paste it into your URL bar and change the (dot)s to periods. It was the only way I could get them to work.

    One of the reasons I love the series is that it has very strong female characters, because in most anime-style shows, the males are the main characters, while the females are simply eye candy. Instead of letting Sokka be a sexist pig, Kata…

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  • Vulmen

    Courage got me replying why I like Katara the most on this blog, and I found that I was going to put a lot more than I desired to in a comment. (Also think of Water Spout's "favorites" blog too though) So, on a new notion, I decided to write even more and create a new "Analyze This" here we go! A character review for Katara.

    We get to see this girl start off the series as an utterly weak waterbender, scraping at the bottom of the barrel in terms of skill. Even here, in this weak state, this gal is astounding. She's not even had the opportunity to observe waterbending in action, everything we see her do is one hundred percent created by her, down to streaming the water, her attempted wave, push and pulling the water, creating ice; o…

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