• Minnichi

    Send a secret valentine before it's too late! Your love will be featured in the BSST's February-exclusive issue, and we guarantee it'll be oogie-rific.

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  • Gcheung28

    How do YOU tell someone that you love them? Do you scream "I LOVE YOU" from the top of your lungs? Would you cast a love spell or concoct a potion? Do you write it out in flames?

    We’re making a list of the top 20 ways to tell someone you love them, and we're looking for fans to provide the answers from your respective fandoms. Find inspiration from your favorite T.V., movie, comic, or book characters to tell us how YOU would tell someone you love them.

    Click HERE to submit! Feel free to add GIFs, photos, or even videos. Don't forget to check back to see if your entry makes the final cut!

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  • Asnow89

    In honor of the FINAL season of Legend of Korra, we thought it would be fun to have the Avatar community create the ultimate menu of foods from the Avatar universe. From fire flakes to seaweed noodles, there are so many foods to choose from! Update: THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED! Check out our finalists on Recipes Wikia and VOTE for the ultimate menu before December 19

    THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED! Check out the final menu.

    Hello Avatards!

    In honor of the FINAL season of Legend of Korra, we thought it would be fun to have the Avatar community create the ultimate menu of foods from the Avatar universe. From fire flakes to seaweed noodles, there are so many foods to choose from!

    Take a look at last year's successful Food Fiction Contest or …

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  • Konfuzij

    Every one knows that LoK was delete from iTunes Store at some period, but within less than 24 hours of Korra’s triumphant return to iTunes, both books 3 and 4 are already in the Top 10! At the moment 3rd book is at second position and 4th book at the tenth. Also 2 book place on twentyth and 1 book on twenty fourth positions. Therefore all four books of LoK make a top 25 list of TV Shows in iTunes Store.

    I am from Russia and we haven't opportunity to buy and watch LoK officially therefore I specially restered an account at the American iTunes Store, bought a gift card (I haven't american credit card) and bought several series of third and fourth books, also I rated all books and wrote reviwes.

    If someone has the opportunity to some support th…

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  • Brian Linder

    Are you a Korra fan going to New York Comic Con? Executive Producer and Creator team Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino will be there providing a behind-the-scenes look at the series along with voice actors Janet Varney (Korra), David Faustino (Mako), and P.J. Byrne (Bolin). The panel includes an exclusive screening of a never-before-seen episode from Korra's final season.

    Wikia will be there, too, and we want fans to join us!

    We're recruiting a #WikiaFanArmy to participate in a geeked-out scavenger hunt in which you'll complete missions on social media to earn points – fans with the highest points at the end of the show will win awesome prizes.

    Plus, you'll be eligible to receive special superfan perks, like VIP access passes, celebrity meet…

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  • FireFerret

    Now, from the title of the blog I bet several people have likely already taken active interest to not click. However, (hopefully) what I'm going to try and do is attempt to make a rational argument as to why pushing the show in this direction would be a good move. Not necessarily based on canon evidence for the ship (as there, regrettably, is little to none), but based on why I personally feel it would be a good route to take the show onto.

    This one I feel is a big reason for pushing to make the relationship occur. First of all, it's about time. This is an era where gay rights is becoming a very large and active discussion throughout the United States on America, and I think it's time it starts becoming an issue addressed in children's medi…

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  • RaidenRadio

    Raiden Here.

    I'm noticing a recurring pattern in the Airbender fanbase lately. A rift, a division, a great divide in the Airbender Fanbase. Some people tend to accept and love Legend of Korra despite it's flaws, while others condemn it and say it is a betrayal of everything the original series stood for. Have you noticed that whenever something Good about Legend of Korra is mentioned on the wiki, this, this and this are brought up. But whenever anything Bad about Legend of Korra is mentioned, this, this, and THIS are brought up?

    Listen, fellow ATLA and LOK fans, I feel your pain. I don't agree with some of the changes made to the Airbender-verse in Korra, but for the most part I can let that pass, and I see the fanbase crying over cosmetic cha…

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  • Azulazulazula

    So, recently, I've been thinking. I've been thinking about the wiki as a whole, and in more recent days, I've been becoming more and more involved in the "dark side" of the wiki. But more on that later.

    Basically, this blog isn't an excuse to rant, it isn't an outright bash of the wiki, it's not really even an attempt to chaange the wiki. All in all, this blog is just my chance to say why I've had thoughts about leaving the wiki so many times now. And it's also about why this wiki has always prevailed in keeping me around.

    Always. It's always prevailed, and in those times of doubt, I've been able to remember why I love the wiki, and why I could never leave. I am literally obsessed with this wiki, and when I'm not in school, I'm almost …

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  • The 888th Avatar

    When I first arrived on Avatar Wiki in November 2008, the initial treatment of my views was not enthusiastic. I had suggested that the Aang article be shortened into something readable, preferably in my mind by moving Aang's biographical history to separate articles – a strategy that we have since taken up. But at the time, the establishment of the wiki were dismissive of the opinion I had taken and asked what was wrong with me.

    There was nothing wrong with me. They later recognised that as well, and a few short months later I was as respected a contributor as any. (I hold respectability in much higher regard than any position of adminship.) But I recognised the dangers exhibited in that initial attitude, and as a result, I have always soug…

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  • Toph's Fanboy

    Suki joined the Kyoshi Warriors at age eight, and had become their leader within seven years at the very most. This implicitly suggests that she followed in the path of the Kyoshi Warriors dutifully throughout the intervening timing, and also that following said duty to the Island was the immediate social background to much of her late childhood and early teenage years, rather than her parents. As it was not until Team Avatar showed up that Kyoshi Island broke out of the isolationism it had kept itself to for most of the hundred years of the War, Suki would have been used to dutiful work being rewarded by "society at large" (namely, the society of the Island) while working on the presumption that the evils of war were predominating in the …

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