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Two barrels of blasting jelly were set to explode on Zuko's ship.

Blasting jelly is a sticky, highly combustible substance used for demolition. A volatile weapon, it is capable of destroying warships and defensive barriers and was used by the Fire Nation to blast out mountains.[1] Blasting jelly is highly flammable and can be ignited from both short and long ranges. The extent of the blasting jelly's strength coupled with its portability makes it advantageous in both stealth operations and war ventures.


The flooding of Gaipan

Pipsqueak and The Duke seized barrels of blasting jelly after the Freedom Fighters drove Fire Nation soldiers away from a nearby camp.

When Team Avatar met the Freedom Fighters, their leader, Jet, obtained a large supply of blasting jelly from an encampment of Fire Nation infantry stationed near the village of Gaipan. He asked Pipsqueak and The Duke to handle the barrels, which they brought back to their hideout for later use. They needed to stash it very carefully so as to avoid confusing the explosive with the jelly candy they procured in the same raid.

After Team Avatar discovered Jet's true motives, they attempted to stop him from flooding the village of Gaipan. The village was situated near a dam, and Jet intended to use the jelly to destroy the structure in an attempt to liberate Gaipan from Fire Nation control. Although Katara immobilized Jet by freezing him to a tree, he still signaled for Longshot to carry out the plan. Longshot fired a flaming arrow to ignite the jelly, thus destroying the dam and flooding Gaipan.[2]

Attempted assassination of Prince Zuko

Before embarking on his journey to the North Pole, Zhao contacted a group of pirates, the same assembly Prince Zuko encountered near the seedy merchants pier,[3] to settle on a deal that would lead to Zuko's demise. After agreeing to a hefty sum of gold pieces, the pirates went forth to orchestrate a scheme that would successfully lead to the prince's death.

Pirates loaded barrels of blasting jelly aboard Zuko's ship.

Knowing that Zuko's crew left to fight alongside Zhao's forces and that Iroh left for an evening stroll, the pirates silently boarded Zuko's ship, carrying with them several barrels of blasting jelly. Oh, the pirate barker, urged his companions to work carefully, so as to prevent the prince from detecting their presence. His efforts to remain unnoticed were successful for the most part, though a slight creak elicited by opening a hatch was enough to notify the prince that he was not alone.

Zuko called out to determine whether or not he had company and instantly deduced that something was not right. He climbed to the helm of the ship, where he spotted the pirate captain's iguana parrot perched outside the ship. Zuko instantly recognized the animal, though was too late to stop the pirates, as the barrels of blasting jelly exploded at that moment. Although the ship was destroyed by the explosion and the subsequent fire, Zuko managed to save himself with his firebending.[4]

Invasion of the Fire Nation

An Earth Kingdom supply truck carried barrels of blasting jelly during the invasion of the Fire Nation.

During the Day of Black Sun, the invasion force used blasting jelly-loaded ice torpedos[5] to break through the underwater gates of the Royal Plaza and two Earth Kingdom supply trucks each carrying eight barrels of blasting jelly to destroy one of its walls, allowing them to continue on toward the Fire Nation Capital.[6]


Blasting jelly was likely based on gelignite, otherwise known as blasting gelatine, an early form of plastic explosive.


  • Blasting jelly is very similar in appearance to jelly candy.[2]


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