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The Black Quarry Boar-q-pines are an experienced pro-bending team and are famous for being the longest reigning champions of the Pro-bending Tournament. Sometime before 166 AG, they lost their title to another team, but their record of consecutive victories was not broken at least until 170 AG.[1] They also use the self-appointed nickname the "Bullies of the Black Quarry" and are known for the pressure they put on opponents.[3]


Sometime before 166 AG, the team lost their title of longest reigning champion. The then-team captain, Toza, was bribed by the Triple Threat Triad to throw a match in 167 AG,[2][4] though he ultimately turned his back on the deal, winning the match in question via a hat trick.[5] He later retired and passed the position of team's captain and earthbender to Chang.

Since then, the seasoned veterans have tried to regain their title, and as such, they entered the tournament in 170 AG. During that tournament, they made it to the final sixteen and met the Fire Ferrets in the quarterfinal round.


Chang was elected to fight the tiebreaker against Bolin.

As soon as the signal for the match to begin rang, the Boar-q-pines went on the offensive and quickly managed to push back the Fire Ferrets, claiming an easy victory in the first round. Even though the Boar-q-pines managed to knock back Korra and Mako to the second zone, they were met by a fiercely defensive Bolin, who stole the victory from them by knocking a player to the second and the third zone. When round three ended in a tie, the Boar-q-pines lost the coin toss, and it was Bolin who decided that Chang would face the teenager for the match. After a short but intense fight, Chang was knocked off the elevated center stage and into the surrounding waters, losing the quarterfinal for his team.[1]


  • Chang (team captain) — earthbender
  • Xin — firebender[3]
  • Shui — waterbender[3]
  • Toza (team captain; formerly) — earthbender[2]


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