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Biho was the sergeant of Sparrowkeet Air's guards.[1]


Biho was the field leader of the guards for Sparrowkeet Air, a company that helped innovate and invent war balloons for the Fire Nation during the Hundred Year War, and continued to operate in the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation colonies after the end of the war. Biho joined up with the guards because it was a way for him to put his experience from the Hundred Year War to use making a bigger wage than he once had.[1]

After Qian Yu took an Air Nomad artifact found at a Sparrowkeet Air factory, Sergeant Biho led the guards on Sparrowkeet Air's Flying HQ. The CEO Yuzhen Sr. and company president Yuzhen Jr. both had an emergency button which they could press to summon Biho and the rest of the guards.[2]


Biho was not cruel, but he also was not merciful or kind. He was comfortable to follow the lead of Sparrowkeet Air as long as they kept paying him well. He was guided by power and driven to secure his own position.[1]


Biho was a modest fighter. During a fight, he was good at quickly taking in his situation far faster than normal.[1]


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