"You have no idea what you're doing, you're only making things worse!"
Raava scolding the humans for their violent actions against the spirits and the environment.[1]

The battle in the Spirit Wilds was a confrontation between firebending humans and spirits that occurred around 9,829 BG, which resulted in the total annihilation of the human settlers and their camp.[1]



After hearing of Wan's survival in the Spirit Wilds, Jaya and Yao inspired several citizens of the fire lion turtle city Wan hailed from to leave the protection of their guardian in favor of occupying their own land, forging their own destiny away from the Chou family's reign. They used their bending ability to forcefully claim the land from its spirit inhabitants, putting the tension between the humans and the spirits on edge. During several skirmishes, the spirits managed to kill some of the settlers, one of them being Yao, enraging the survivors. Despite their losses, the humans burned down a portion of the forest and erected a small settlement.[1]

Final encounter

A few days before the Harmonic Convergence of 9,829 BG, Raava and Wan detected the smell of fire, indicating a portion of the forest being burned down. When they went to investigate, they discovered Jaya and other settlers in the process of clearing land for their settlement. However, before Wan and his old friend could strike up a decent conversation, a gathering of spirits approached the makeshift village, the aye-aye spirit leading them. Making no distinction between good and dark spirits, the firebenders immediately prepared to defend themselves. Wan and Raava tried to mediate between the parties, hoping to avoid the conflict from escalating. However, when Vaatu arrived, the Spirit of Chaos used the anger inside the spirits to turn them into dark entities. Jaya threw a fireball at the dark form of the aye-aye spirit, who ordered his fellow spirits to attack in return.

Spirits versus men

Wan combined his energy with Raava's in hopes of mediating between the enraged dark spirits and human firebenders.

As the two groups charged each other, Wan and Raava did everything they could to keep them apart. Noticing that they were not strong enough by themselves, Wan urged Raava to combine their spirits, thus enabling him to bend all four elements at once. Riding an air spout and being surrounded by all the elements, Wan shocked both parties to a standstill, even temporarily converting the aye-aye spirit back to his normal self. However, Wan could not handle the strain Raava's presence was putting on his body and he fainted. As his unconscious form was being carried away from the battlefield by Raava, the two parties charged each other again, engaging in an unrestrained battle, which resulted in the total annihilation of the human settlers.[1]


When Wan came to, he was approached by the large form of Vaatu, who wanted to gloat over his imminent victory over Raava. The dark spirit's powers had significantly increased due to the massacre, while Raava's power was severely diminished, rendering her as a shimmer of her former self.[1]


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