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The battle at the Equalist factory was one of the early battles of the Anti-bending Revolution. It took place in the Equalist factory located underneath the Sato estate. The battle took place days after the Equalists' attack on the Pro-bending Arena and occurred when Avatar Korra, Chief Lin Beifong, Tenzin, and several metalbending police officers executed a raid on the underground factory.[1]


A few days prior to the battle, Avatar Korra eavesdropped on a telephone conversation, in which Hiroshi Sato, owner of Future Industries, said that they would be ready to strike by the end of the week. Alarmed, she reported her findings to Chief Beifong and Tenzin. With the death of Yasuko Sato, Hiroshi's wife, at the hands of a firebending criminal providing a possible motive for anti-bender sentiment, they deemed it worth looking into.

The next day, the mansion was visited by Chief Beifong and Tenzin, who interrogated Sato. Stating that it was all a misunderstanding, he explained that since his biggest rival, Cabbage Corp, had been closed due to Equalist equipment being found in its factories, it would be the perfect time to strike the market with a new line of Satomobiles; even so, he agreed to have his factories investigated by the police. However, the search yielded no evidence of any involvement of the company with the revolution. At the end of the search, Korra was given an invitation to meet a mysterious man under the Silk Road Bridge at midnight for information regarding Hiroshi's involvement with the Equalists. She met with the informant, along with Chief Beifong and Tenzin, and learned that the businessman had created and supplied the Equalists with the electrified gloves used in the attack on the arena, and that he was working on an even more devastating weapon in a secret factory located underneath his mansion.

The estate was raided by the Metalbending Police Force, and a tunnel was found under Hiroshi's workshop behind his home. Korra, Tenzin, Lin Beifong, and several metalbending officers entered the tunnel and found a massive factory with Equalist propaganda on its walls, and several new weapons, such as mecha tanks.[1]


After the group entered the factory, a large door slammed shut, trapping the benders inside. Lin attempted to metalbend the door open, but to no avail. Hiroshi Sato revealed himself to the group and told the chief that the door was made of platinum, effectively rendering their metalbending useless because of the purity of the material. Using mecha tanks, Hiroshi and several other Equalists surrounded them as Lin realized that the informant she, Tenzin, and Korra had met had set them up.

Lin Beifong fighting

Lin impaled a mecha tank.

Korra angrily branded Hiroshi a "no-good" Equalist and demanded he come out of his mecha tank and face her. He declined and began attacking the benders. The metalbending officers were able to leash two of the mecha tanks with their metal cables, momentarily stopping them, as the chief began attacking another one by stabbing the control area using hidden blades in her armor. Korra and Tenzin attempted to use firebending and airbending, respectively, to bring Hiroshi's mecha down, eventually succeeding in driving him back. However, the metalbending officers were quickly knocked out when the mechas used their electric claws to stun them, and Lin was rendered unconscious by an electrically charged cable shot. Korra suffered the same fate at the hands of Hiroshi's mecha, but Tenzin saved her from being slammed into the ground. The airbender charged the mechas on his own, using advanced airbending techniques to ward off attacks, but was shortly knocked unconscious by an electrified rope. The industrialist ordered the Equalists to load the benders into trucks to be taken to Amon.

Meanwhile, having heard the slamming of the platinum door, Mako and Bolin sneaked into the factory from underneath. As they gathered up Tenzin, Korra, and Lin to take them to safety, they were stopped by Hiroshi and the Lieutenant. Mako angrily confronted Hiroshi about his friendliness toward them while sponsoring the Fire Ferrets being a ploy to gain their trust, which Sato confirmed.

Asami electrocutes Hiroshi

Asami Sato electroshocked her father, turning against him and the Equalists.

As Hiroshi and the Lieutenant advanced toward them, Asami called out to her father to stop. The businessman confessed to his daughter his connection with the Equalists and attempted to justify his affiliation with the organization by telling her that his wife, Asami's mother, had been killed by a firebender. He subsequently asked her to join him, offering her an electrified glove. Asami seemingly accepted his offer by approaching her father and taking the glove, much to Mako and Bolin's dismay. She told her father that she loved him and knocked him out with it. The Lieutenant attempted to attack her, but she used her self-defense training to use his own electrified kali sticks against him, leaving him unconscious along with her father. She assisted Mako and Bolin in carrying Korra, Tenzin, and Lin out of the factory. The group escaped via airship, but were forced to leave the metalbending officers behind.[1]


Metalbending officers captured

Metalbending officers were captured by Equalists.

As the escapees fled in a police airship, Lin revealed to Tenzin that she was resigning as Chief of Police because of the guilt in knowing her metalbending officers were captured by the Equalists. After Tenzin urged her not to, she told him that she was going to rescue them and take down Amon her way, even if it was "outside the law". Korra told Mako that he, his brother, and his girlfriend were all welcome to live at Air Temple Island.[1] Later on, the captured officers had their bending taken away by Amon.[2]


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