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The bathroom attendant is an Earth Empire agent who was sent to kidnap Prince Wu.[1]


Wu's kidnapping

The bathroom attendant sedated Earth King Wu with a knock-out gas.

In 174 AG, he and several other agents were sent by Kuvira to kidnap Prince Wu, the rightful leader of the Earth Kingdom. While having lunch at a restaurant with Team Avatar, Wu went to the bathroom where he encountered the agent, who offered Wu some cologne, which the latter happily accepted. Before he sprayed the gas on his target, he covered his mouth, using a napkin. After Wu got knocked out, he towed the monarch to the truck where his accomplices were stationed. He pretended to haul laundry bags to the truck to reduce suspicion; however, this attracted the attention of Korra, who asked him whether he had seen Prince Wu, which the agent promptly denied. When something moved inside the truck, Korra saw Wu pop out from among the laundry bags. Realizing the scheme had been uncovered, the agent immediately attacked Korra before fleeing the scene in the truck, driving away from the restaurant. After a quick chase, Team Avatar managed to tip the truck, but were surprised to find that Wu had been transported by a different truck to the train station. After being caught and interrogated by Mako, the agent was handed over to the police and sent to the police station for questioning.[1]


The Legend of Korra

Book Four: Balance (平衡)


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