Barge Barrage, alternatively titled Fire Nation Barge Barrage on the title card, is a game hosted by


Prince Zuko is on a mission to conquer both the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribe villages by controlling his Fire Nation barge.


  • Enter/Return – Begin battle (additional information below)
  • Right arrow key – Steer barge rightward
  • Left arrow key – Steep barge leftward
  • Up arrow key – Increase barge's speed
  • Down arrow key – Decrease barge's speed
  • Left mouse click – Assign tasks to crew members (additional information below)
  • "A" – Shoot a fireball from the left of the barge (additional information below)
  • "S" – Shoot a fireball from the right of the barge (additional information below)
  • Space-bar – Launch the "circle of fire" (additional information below)


Barge Barrage village

An Earth Kingdom village appears on the world map along with its defense level.

On the world map, a number of Earth Kingdom and Water Tribe villages can be chosen to attack. To do so, one must direct the barge toward the desired village and press "Enter" to begin.

Each village has a defensive level that defines the settlement's resistance to Fire Nation bombardment. The scale ranks villages as low as one and as high as five. The higher the ranking, the more difficult that village is for Zuko to conquer.

Power-ups exist in the waters that help Zuko on his journey. They are able to decrease the barge's damage level (see "Enemies" below), fill the crew's energy meter (see "Battles"), and boost speed.

Crew members

Villages with high defense levels require Zuko to command more crew members. Shipwrecked firebenders can be rescued from the waters and recruited to fulfill this condition. Assigning them to different tasks upgrades one's "barge skills". The rank of a task rises as more firebenders are assigned to it.

There are three stations at which crew members can be placed to assist Zuko. The stations can better be described by their usage: attack (power), armor (resistance), and propulsion (speed). These statistically-based stations increase in efficiency with more firebenders assigned to them.


Barge Barrage wall

Zuko's ship begins its attack on the barge.

The waterbenders and earthbenders have built walls in front of their villages for protection from raids. They are between towers or fortresses that the crew's "bending energy" must destroy in order to break down the walls. Bending energy gradually increases automatically while dormant and can be turned into powerful fireballs. Holding down the "A" or "S" key for a long time raises the fireball's power, but doing so also consumes more bending energy.

When the energy meter is entirely filled, pressing the space-bar launches the "circle of fire". Although powerful, half of one's stored bending energy is depleted when it is used.


"Golems" and "sea dragons" riddle the waters. Avoiding these and other oceanic collisions is necessary for Zuko's mission; the barge has a damage counter that gauges its remaining power reserves. Once full, the battle is lost and the player must start again from the beginning. The damage meter also slowly decreases over time when the barge is not bombarded constantly.

Conquering villages

Barge Barrage gameplay

The barge is next to a wall that must be toppled.

One must destroy the two towers or fortresses that link the walls around a village to conquer it. Cannonballs are fired by the defending towers as the barge draws closer. Defeating the two fortresses makes white flags rise from them, signifying their capture.

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