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The badgerfrog is a furry, hopping animal that is indigenous to the western Fire Nation.[1]


Zuko used a badgerfrog as a practice audence when preparing an introduction to Team Avatar while at the Western Air Temple. It croaked in response to Zuko's remarks, and though hopped away, remained near his campsite.[2] There were a number of badgerfrogs living all around the air temple, and Zuko used them on at least one occasion as a timer for Avatar Aang to practice his firebending forms.[3]


The badgerfrog is mostly brown with a green underside. It has white markings on the top of its head running down its back and along its limbs and face. Its forefeet have four toes each while its hind feet each have four long, sharp claws. It has yellow-green eyes, with cross-shaped pupils.


At first glance, the badgerfrog seems harmless, but if cornered by a predator, it will defend itself by hopping, clawing, and biting angrily. The badgerfrog seems to enjoy sounds and may stay at a certain spot if it knows it will be hearing speech or conversation.[1]


The badgerfrog is a combination of two real-world animals, namely, the badger and the bull frog.


  • The badgerfrog croaks every two minutes.[4]
    • While on a rescue mission with Sokka, Zuko instructed Aang in a letter to do a series of exercises every time he heard a badgerfrog croak in his absence.[3]
  • Jianzhu regarded Hui as an "usurping little badgerfrog who fancied himself a player of games."[5]
  • The design for the badgerfrog was based on a drawing done by Ethan Spaulding.[6]


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