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This article is about Suyin Beifong's husband. For Baatar and Suyin's son, see Baatar Jr..

Baatar is an architect and the husband of Suyin Beifong, with whom he has five children. He helped create the metal city of Zaofu.[1]


Early life

Suyin hired Baatar as an architect in the creation of the city of Zaofu. Sometime later, the two married and had five children: the eldest, Baatar Jr., became an engineer and began assisting Baatar in developing his many public works projects, Huan became an artist, Wei and Wing invented the game power disc, and Opal became their family's first airbender following Harmonic Convergence.

171 AG

While Suyin hosted a dinner for Avatar Korra and her friends, Baatar passed by the dining hall and informed his wife that he would have to eat in his office because he had a major breakthrough regarding the remodeling of a tram station. Suyin allowed him to continue his work, to which Baatar responded by calling her the best.[1]

The next day, Baatar, along with Huan, Wei, and Wing, were witness to his wife fighting against his sister-in-law, Lin. Their fight soon ended when Opal intervened. Later that evening, Baatar and Suyin each gave permission for Opal to travel to the Northern Air Temple and begin her airbending training under Tenzin.[2]

At Opal's farewell dinner, Baatar watched in admiration as Suyin praised their daughter and raised his glass in a toast to her. He later watched as she left for the Northern Air Temple in an airship.[3]

174 AG

Baatar Jr.'s betrayal

When Kuvira marched her army to the outskirts of Zaofu in 174 AG, Baatar rode a metal train toward a vantage in the city to overview the situation. He approached his wife and announced that he would contact President Raiko in order to receive the support of the United Forces. However, Suyin replied that it did not matter whom he called, as no reinforcements would reach them in time.

Baatar was astonished and hurt by his son's harsh refusal to rejoin his family.

Baatar joined his family during their meeting with Kuvira, Baatar Jr., and Bolin. He tried to reason with his estranged son, pointing out that his place was with them in Zaofu, though was shocked and hurt to learn that Baatar Jr. did not want to return as he felt that he was living in his father's shadow.

At night, Baatar was pacing through the garden when he was approached by Korra, who asked where Suyin was. Worried, he told the Avatar that his wife and twin sons had gone to infiltrate Kuvira's camp in order to end the threat.[4] He silently sat by when his daughter tried to convince Korra to take action and was shocked to hear Kuvira announce over the city's communication system that his wife had been arrested. He asked the Avatar what their plan of action was and was eventually left to watch over Ikki and Meelo while Korra, Opal, and Jinora went to negotiate with the army commander.

After Zaofu was annexed to the Earth Empire, Baatar refused to bow to Kuvira, much to his eldest son's anger.

When Kuvira later marched into the city and ordered everyone to bow to her or be sent away, Baatar and Huan ostentatiously remained standing, much to Baatar Jr.'s anger. He was approached by his eldest son, who ordered him to bow down to Kuvira, whom the latter declared his "rightful leader". Refusing to follow the order, Baatar calmly expressed his disappointment in his son, before being arrested by a metalbending soldier.[5]

Escaping imprisonment

Baatar, together with the rest of his family, was taken to a cavern underneath one of Kuvira's factories near Zaofu. They were all imprisoned inside a wooden cell that was suspended with ropes over a seemingly bottomless chasm. When Toph, Lin, and Bolin arrived, he was alerted to their presence by his wife and watched how Lin swung each of his sons through the air with her metal cables for Bolin to catch them. Afraid of heights, Baatar cowered in a corner of the wooden cell, where he held on to the bars and implored Lin to leave him there. Seeing that they had no choice, his sister-in-law gave her apologies and then forcefully swung him over to their makeshift escape route as quickly as possible. As he somersaulted through the air, his cries unintentionally alerted the guards, who sounded the alarm. Baatar and the others all made it safely to the surface, however, where he was reunited with his daughter, whom he embraced warmly. After Opal and Bolin left to save Zhu Li and Suyin, Lin, Wei, and Wing tried to take down Kuvira's spirit energy cannon, he was left behind with Huan under the care of Toph. When he tried to make small talk with his mother-in-law, however, asking her how she was doing and addressing her as "mother", he was promptly reminded to never call her that. He later escaped with his family, Bolin, and Zhu Li to safety on Juicy.[6]

Evacuating Republic City

Baatar was baffled to see Prince Wu resuming his singing and starting to dance with renewed vigor when they were threatened by three Earth Empire mecha suits.

A week after arriving in Republic City, Baatar, together with Huan, joined the last group of citizens set to evacuate Republic City. They became stranded at Central City Station, however, when Kuvira attacked the metropolis a week before they had been expecting her and had her army destroy the train tracks. When Prince Wu arrived with two badgermoles, Baatar and the other evacuees followed the creatures underground as they tunneled a way out for them. He looked on in surprise when Wu started singing and dancing with renewed vigor when three of Kuvira's mecha suits threatened them, which led the badgermoles to attack the soldiers and crush their machines.[7]

Baatar and the others made it through Kuvira's assault on the city safely and he later attended the dinner party to celebrate the wedding of Varrick and Zhu Li at Air Temple Island; he was seated at the same table as the rest of his family.[8]

Kuvira's trial

Baatar was present for the beginning of Kuvira's trial three months after her defeat, along with his wife, Huan, Opal, Wei, Wing, and Team Avatar. After the hearing, he watched his wife confront Kuvira for having pleaded not guilty.[9]

After returning to Zaofu, Baatar joined his family, Korra and Kuvira for a meal after Suyin's party escaped from Gaoling.

Baatar joined the rest of his family in returning to Republic City when Kuvira's trial resumed, and gathered around her when she learned she would be sentenced to house arrest at the Beifong estate after entering a guilty plea.[10]


Baatar is a calm and kind father for his children, and a loving husband to his wife. He is a busy architect who sometimes decides to dedicate time to his work over sharing a meal with his family. Baatar is also brave when it comes to facing figures of authority.[6]


The Legend of Korra

Book Three: Change (易)

Book Four: Balance (平衡)

Graphic novels


Baatar Jr.


  • Baatar is acrophobic, meaning he has a fear of heights.[6]
  • Baatar is the second known person to have a child named directly after them, the first being Chan and the third being Chow.


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