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This Ba Sing Se airship co-pilot is the second-in-command of a four-man group of airmen tasked with prisoner transport. While en route to Ba Sing Se to deliver Avatar Korra and Asami to Earth Queen Hou-Ting, the ship crashed and he and the others used a makeshift sand-sailer to make their way out of the Si Wong Desert.[1]


At Fort Bosco, the co-pilot boarded the airship along with Arik and Kong, who brought their prisoners aboard. He made his way over to the cockpit and as soon as their captain had ventured inside as well, he started the ship's engines and took off.

Airship captain and co-captain

Being knocked back by Korra's airbending, the co-captain landed on the airship's controls, breaking them in the process.

As he was navigating the ship over the Si Wong Desert, the co-pilot was started when Korra and Asami burst into the cockpit. He instantly charged the escaped prisoners, though was thrown back into the controls by an airbending blast, short-circuiting them in the process. He recovered and tried again, only to be blown back a second time, now into his captain, resulting in a broken radio.

After the airship crash-landed in a sand dune in quadrant four of the Si Wong Desert, the co-pilot crawled out of a hatch atop the ship, joining Kong and Arik as well as Korra and Asami. Although he initially sported a distant attitude toward the girls, he was quick to let go of his animosity upon witnessing a creature roaming around in the sand and work together with their captives to fix their aircraft.

After having dug out the ship and having made the necessary repairs, the co-pilot stood with the rest outside of the vessel while Kong tested out the engine. Although the test was a success, the co-pilot was forced to flee for his life lest he would be crushed by falling debris when a sand shark emerged from the sand and destroyed the ship, dragging most of it, supplies and all, underneath the desert's surface. As Asami suggested building a makeshift sand-sailer with the remaining scraps of metal, the co-pilot and his crewmates were ordered by the captain to gather up the material.

Ba Sing Se airship crew

Seeing a live dragon for the first time, the co-captain followed his crew to a local cantina for a drink.

Just as they finished welding their new transportation together, the sand shark reappeared again, forcing the co-pilot and the others to make an immediate escape without first testing the vehicle. After evading the creature twice, the beast nearly swallowed them when it came up underneath them, but Korra saved them with her firebending, allowing the group to escape safely to the Misty Palms Oasis. After Arik pointed their attention to a dragon, wondering if they had all been in the desert too long, the co-captain and the rest of the crew took the captain's suggestion to get a drink and left for a local cantina, still eying Druk with suspicion.[1]


The Legend of Korra[]

Book Three: Change (易)[]


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