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This Ba Sing Se University student was a resident of Ba Sing Se and a student at its university.[1]


During his studies at Ba Sing Se University, he ran into Team Avatar. The group questioned him about the location of Appa, who had recently been stolen by the sandbenders, to which he replied that he had never seen any sandbenders or nomads in the city. However, he suggested the gang speak with Professor Zei, whom Team Avatar had ironically met some time before.[2]

The conversation took an awkward turn when Sokka questioned him about the Hundred Year War with the Fire Nation. Clearly uncomfortable with the topic, and with some influence from Joo Dee, the young man quickly gathered his belongings and left, claiming to be late for class, leaving Team Avatar with unanswered questions.[1]


The student seemed to be very cooperative and casual, as well as sociable, as when Team Avatar asked about Appa and the Sandbender Tribes, the young man was very friendly. However, like many of the residents of the city, he felt very uncomfortable talking about the War.


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Two: Earth (土)


  • This student was one of three people whom Team Avatar interrogated, the other two being Pong and an unnamed pet shop owner.
  • This student is one of the few people in the Avatar World who wears glasses.[1]


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