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Ba Sing Se University is a major institution of thought which educates scholars throughout the Earth Kingdom, as well as exchange students from other nations, such as Maliq of the Northern Water Tribe.[1] It is the greatest university in the world, according to its enrollment materials. The university campus is a major landmark in the Middle Ring of Ba Sing Se.[2]


In 296 BG, the zoology department at Ba Sing Se University was headed up by Professor Shaw, who procured a collection of shirshus for the university during an expedition. The professor was written to Hei-Ran requesting to borrow the animals, ostensibly to be displayed in the Fire Nation as part of a goodwill tour between the two nations, though in reality to track an escaped Avatar Kyoshi. Included with the letter was an expensive painting of the northern lights on vellum owned by Jianzhu, intended to "butter [the professor] up".[3]

Once a great repository of knowledge for the citizens of Ba Sing Se, the university's academic offerings became somewhat tainted after Long Feng's ascent to the post of Grand Secretariat, especially in the areas of current events and political science.[4] Despite the negative effects of political repression, it continued to be regarded as a major school of engineering, architecture, and science, especially for its famed Kim Astrology Tower and the two-acre Mung-Yi Research Koi Pond.[2] The head zoologists at the university were charged with going out and fetching rare creatures for Earth King Kuei's private menagerie, including a mate for Bosco, although one was never found. Professor Zei once held the position of Head of Anthropology.[5][6]

Team Avatar visited the location while attempting to find Ba Sing Se's black market, where somebody might have been attempting to sell Appa. However, they were chaperoned by Joo Dee, who subtly pressured a student, whom Aang was questioning, into dodging his questions and leaving. After the student hurried off to class, the team left the campus.[4]


The Ba Sing Se University offers many degrees in engineering, architecture and science, as these are perhaps its strongest subjects. The school also offers classes on music, zoology, anthropology, art, geography, history, political science, astrology, mathematics, drama, and a class on desert cultures which was once taught by Professor Zei.[5]

Notable figures


  • Professor Shaw, head of the Zoology Department
  • Professor Zei, head of the Anthropology Department



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