The wars of secrets and daggers[1] in Ba Sing Se took place during the 4th and 3rd century BG, as the royal princes of the Earth Kingdom battled each other in a series of ruthless and conspiratorial conflicts. While the members of the royal family outwardly maintained friendly relationships with each other, their secret feuds were pursued with extreme brutality involving skilled assassins.


The Earth Kingdom had a large royal family, and many of its members desired to achieve ultimate power as earth monarch.[1][2] Unlike the Fire Nation, where succession conflicts were often carried out publicly,[3] the Earth Kingdom princes preferred to maintain a good-natured demeanor in the public. They attended feasts together, socializing and seemingly supporting each other. At the same time, however, they attempted to remove potential rivals at all cost, hiring assassins and waging de facto wars against each other in the "dark corridors" of Ba Sing Se.[2]

Around 306 BG, the waterbending master Amak began working for one of the lesser princes. He consequently murdered seven prominent royal family members, allowing his employer to jump to fourth place in the line of succession for the earth monarch.[2] Amak consequently used the skills he had learned in Ba Sing Se to train the presumed Avatar, Yun, in assassination techniques, ranging from the use of poison to the knife.[1]


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