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Azulon's Legacy is a Fire Nation play about the life of Fire Lord Azulon and the ascension of his son Ozai to the throne. It is highly bombastic and propagandistic, portraying both rulers in a very positive light and ignoring the succession conflict which resulted in Ozai's coronation.[1]


The play is centered around its namesake, Azulon, extolling his achievements as military commander during the Hundred Year War and wisdom as a statesman. The story concludes with Azulon's death, whereupon Ozai is shown as his destined successor. In this regard, the play tries to portray Ozai as even physically similar to his father.[1]

Known characters[]


  • The play was performed during the celebrations surrounding Ozai's coronation. The troupe performing the play during this occasion was sponsored by Liva.[1]
  • The costumes for Azulon's Legacy were reportedly very lavish.[1]
  • The play appears to have been part of a propaganda effort to legitimize Ozai's rule, as it ignores the fact that Iroh had been the Crown Prince and Azulon's favored son.[2]