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Indifferent Azula I am a 400-foot tall purple platypus-bear with pink horns and silver wings.

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Azula is the prodigious firebending princess of the Fire Nation. She is the younger sister of Zuko, the daughter of Fire Lord Ozai and his wife, Ursa, and the primary antagonist of Team Avatar in Books Two and Three.


The Burning Earth


Azula found Aang and Katara, along with Zuko and Iroh during the Fire Nation's occupation of the city Omashu. She was about to capture them all, by having Mai attack them with her daggers. However, before her plan could be executed, Aang used his airbending to whiff up a cloak of smoke, enabling them all to escape.

Azula encountered Aang again, ambushing the Avatar when he was trying to free King Bumi. The Fire Nation princess tried to thwart Aang's efforts by hurling fire at him. However, the Avatar eluded her once again, when he managed to cut the rope holding Bumi's cell, making his escape with the king down the cart ramps. She pursued him, but soon stopped once he neared the bottom, unable to keep up with the agile airbender.

Ba Sing Se

When Team Avatar arrived at Ba Sing Se after Aang's training, they discovered a giant drill attempting to break through the city's walls. They infiltrated the mechanism, where, once inside, Katara and Aang severed the pillars of the drill with waterbending, before going to the top of the drill to fight Azula. As the battle ensued, Azula remarked that Aang's skills had improved since they last encountered one another. Zuko soon appeared, prompting the princess to ask her brother for his opinion and the two siblings proceeded to fight Katara and Aang. Azula remained the dominant fighter until Zuko threatened to burn Katara and suffocate her in a ring of fire, Aang went into the Avatar State and knocked Zuko unconscious. After Azula was weakened by Aang and Katara, she fired a bolt of lightning at Katara, thus knocking her down. Aang went into the Avatar State again and knocked Azula out before she could hurt Katara. Aang and Katara escaped on Appa.[1]

Into the Inferno

Aang's awakening

Aang and Katara were seen fighting Azula and Zuko. An angered Aang rose from his crystal prison in the Avatar State before Azula struck him in the back with lightning, thus rendering him unconscious.[2]

The Day of Black Sun

Aang and Toph were forced to fight the Dai Li agents by Azula and herself once the eclipse ended. She attacked with blue fireballs while her agents blocked attacks with earth shields. After she was defeated, she tried to strike Aang with lightning, but Zuko stopped her.

In the DS version, if Aang And Toph get there before the eclipse is over, they can attack her with small tornadoes or boulders to force money out of her while she still cannot bend.

The Boiling Rock

Azula and Ty Lee fought Zuko and Sokka on a gondola, but retreated because the gondola was going to fall.

Rise of the Phoenix King

Zuko and Katara fought Azula here for the last time in a war balloon after jumping down off of another one. After taking out the two guards and knocking her off of her box, Katara and Zuko defeated her once she stops firing lightning.

Differences in the last level

There are a few distinct differences between the DS and PS2 versions of the last level.

In the DS version, the battle takes place outside of the Royal Palace with Azula resembling her series counterpart at that point in time, her being mentally unstable, hair badly cut, and dark circles under her eyes. She is also enhanced by the passing comet, as she can now fly on a wall of blue fire for a short period of time. Zuko is also enhanced by the comet, able to project a longer wall of fire.

In the PS2 version, the battle takes place on a Fire Nation airship with assistance from two firebending guards. She looks more like her usual self and is not mentally unstable. Her bending does not appear to be comet enhanced in anyway. Likewise, neither is Zuko.


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