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This article is about the captain of the royal sloop used by Azula. For other similar uses, see Captain (disambiguation).

Azula's ship captain was the commander of Princess Azula's royal sloop.


When Zuko and Iroh were deemed traitors by Fire Lord Ozai, he traveled with the princess to capture them. Early in their search, Azula informed the captain and other assembled troops that despite any potential hesitancy they might have taking up arms against a member of the royal family, she would not hesitate to punish those who disobeyed orders. When she was finished, the captain ran up to the Crown Princess and informed her that the ship could not enter the port due to the tides. Azula coldly asked if the tides commanded the ship, to which he voiced confusion. Azula threatened to have him thrown overboard in the event that her orders were not followed, making it clear that she was the one in charge, despite the fact that he was the formal commander of the ship. The captain agreed to enter the vessel at the port, despite the difficulties.

When Azula successfully tricked Zuko and Iroh into the charade that her father wanted them to return to the Fire Nation, the captain accidentally revealed that it was a sham, mistakenly referring to the banished members of the Fire Nation Royal Family as "prisoners". Upon hearing themselves referred to as prisoners, Zuko and Iroh immediately discovered the ruse and Azula shot the captain a deadly glare. Zuko easily pushed him out of his way and off the ship so he could reach and fight Azula.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Two: Earth (土)


  • The creators had originally planned on Azula vaporizing the captain on the spot after his slip up, but they decided that would be too inappropriate for a show designed toward a younger demographic.[2]