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Katara and the Pirate's Silver is a standalone graphic novel set in the Avatar universe during the events of Book Two: Earth that follows Katara as she gets separated from the rest of Team Avatar. The graphic novel is written by Faith Erin Hicks in collaboration with Tim Hedrick, with art by Peter Wartman. It was released on October 13, 2020.

It's sink or swim for Katara! When Team Avatar is suddenly ambushed by the Fire Nation, Katara gets separated from the group. Unable to rendezvous with Aang, Toph, and Sokka, Katara must avoid capture by aligning herself with some unlikely allies! The normally sweet and sensitive Katara will need to explore her tougher side if she's going to reunite with the rest of Team Avatar...

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After mastering waterbending with the guidance of Master Pakku, Katara left the North Pole with Aang and Sokka and journeyed to the Earth Kingdom for the Avatar to master earthbending. After journeying to Omashu, they discovered the city had fallen into Fire Nation hands, and that King Bumi had intentionally been captured. Katara and the rest of the team barely managed to escape the clutches of Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee. After the earthbender Toph Beifong joined the group to teach Aang, Katara and Toph initially quarreled a lot, but after several encounters with Azula started to trust one another and eventually became friends.

Soon after, they were attacked by Fire Army troops and Katara was separated from the rest of the team. She ended up in a small Earth Kingdom town where she encountered and befriended the pirate leader Jiang and her crew after helping them with a smuggling mission. After reuniting with her friends, they visited Wan Shi Tong's Library with Professor Zei, and learned the precise date of the Day of Black Sun. Katara proved vital in getting Team Avatar out of the Si Wong Desert after Appa had been kidnapped by Si Wong tribes, and proved her worth even further, as she helped the team and some refugees pass the Serpent's Pass.

In the Earth Kingdom's capital of Ba Sing Se, Katara helped to destroy the Fire Nation Drill, after which Team Avatar was welcomed into the city. After the team spent some time to get some much-needed rest, they resumed their search for Appa and eventually found him in the clutches of the Dai Li, a secretive organization under the leadership of Long Feng, who had complete control over the city and used Earth King Kuei as a puppet. Team Avatar managed to subdue the Dai Li and began to plan an invasion of the Fire Nation in cooperation with the Council of Five, but a coup led by Azula hindered these plans. In the Crystal Catacombs below the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace, Katara reunited with both Prince Zuko and his sister Azula. A battle ensued in which Aang was injured by Azula's lightning, whereupon Katara managed to take him to safety. Forced to leave the fallen Earth Kingdom capital, it seemed that the war had been lost.

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