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Okay, I'm not actually sure on the policy for deleting user groups, however I understand that they can be dissolved due to a number of factors. As I don't actually know what these reasons are, I'm going to put the most logical explanation for why I don't think that Category Warriors is a required usergroup.

The first reason, and I believe this is one of the most important, is that there is one member. You cannot have a group of one. Looking at the history, I'm not actually sure when the other members left, although there haven't been any membership requests since the groups inception (looking at the archive).

The other reason is that very few new pages are being created, and the pages we have are (unless there are new additions to policy etc) already categorised optimally. The newer pages are fanon ones, and even then they have died down due to inactivity on the wiki as a whole. Frankly, I just don't see the purpose of this usergroup; I know my own categorisation has been faulty in the past, however it is almost alway Lostris who fixes them for me.

To summarise, I feel as though this usergroup is unnecessary, and should be dissolved. Thoughts, comments? Arguments? Frui (🌹 β€’ 🐝 β€’ 🐝🐝) 08:28, May 12, 2013 (UTC)

We have a two weeks period so the first reason is invalid.

The second reason is irrelevant, the groups goal is to categorize pages, I'm positive that there is still pages that hasn't been categorized properly. Yangchen-spriteUnnamed AirbenderAang-end-c1 (Message Me Β· Read my fanon) 08:47, May 12, 2013 (UTC)

The first reason is no invalid. Having one member working towards categorising pages does not constitute a "group". Like I said, according to the membership archives, there have not been any requests; the likelihood of receiving new members within the two weeks, especially when there are extremely low numbers of new users is quite low, and the users who are on here, it seems, have no interest in joining the group.
The second reason, like the first, is also valid. There is no need for that usergroup - much like how the Coding Companions was disbanded; there simply wasn't a need for them. I don't believe the wiki has the need for a usergroup that, like I said, has one member to do what doesn't need to be done. Frui (🌹 β€’ 🐝 β€’ 🐝🐝) 08:53, May 12, 2013 (UTC)
The guidelines do allow a two week grace period for the group to find new members, but I agree with Fruipit that the group itself is unnecessary. Almost all pages are already properly categorised, and as said, there are very few new pages being created. There may be a small number of pages in need of some minor categorisation fixes, but not enough to warrant a use group dedicated towards that. Overall, I do not believe it to be necessary. HAMMEROFTHOR 09:08, May 12, 2013 (UTC)
I agree with HoT and Fruipit. This user group is kind of "imposed", I mean we know that there are users who willing to help fanon authors categorizing pages, there are a lot of users who cleaning up and keep the articles here clean. However, though you said "the groups goal is to categorize pages, I'm positive that there is still pages that hasn't been categorized properly." - What do you mean there are still pages that haven't been categorized properly? Administrators, Fire Sages, Fanonbenders, and sole editors who can keep the articles categorized. I'm not against you but I don't think this user group is necessary. Just my opinion. Acer Evan Seek anything about fanon! Jet sprite 12:06, May 12, 2013 (UTC)