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It is implied on both Ming (pro-bender) and Shaozu's profiles that the Wolfbats have cheated in past games. However, there is no canon evidence to support this. We only know that they cheated in the one specific game that they played against the Fire Ferrets. It's possible that they've cheated in every game, and it's also possible that they only ever cheated against the Fire Ferrets - we don't know.

I think that it should be said that, to our knowledge, the Wolfbats only used illegal tactics during their match against the Fire Ferrets. It is possible that they've cheated in the past, but we currently have no way to know.

Thank you so much for considering. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (wall)

Just as an addendum, please note that this proposal stems from this message wall thread. And I agree with PSU's initial assessment - we don't usually comment on unknowns for reasons of simplicity. I also believe that the point on the Wolfbats blatantly using illegal tactics is already stated on those pages in such a way that it does imply that they were only used in the one match - unless I'm missing something? KettleMeetPotwall 02:16, June 5, 2013 (UTC)