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Love Potion 8 will not be seen as a canon story.
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As most of you probably know, there is a three book company of children's level Avatar books called the "Read-to-Read Series". The first two of these books represent pieced together stories about canon-related episodes in Book Three of ATLA: Aang's School Days based on the ATLA episode, "The Headband", and Sokka the Sword Master based on the episode, "Sokka's Master".

And then there is Love Potion #8 which has been greatly overlooked and considered a non-canon piece, whereas its two predecessors are both actual canon. This third book is scheduled to much ridicule and also much praise for basically one opinionated reason, Ohev.

As stated by AvatrRokusGhost when I questioned him on the canonicity of Love Potion #8, he told me:

"I don't think that the canonicity of Love Potion 8 has ever really been discussed. There was a forum about Ohev being non-canon, but the main argument employed was that Ohev was non-canon because the page on here was non-canon. The citation on his page as ambiguously-canon wasn't really properly considered. Actually, a lot of the comics used to be considered non-canon, but now all of them except for New Recruits and Gym Time are labeled as canon on here. I'd say that there's a good case for it (the canon vs non-canon label) being speculation. I've never seen an official source declare it non-canon, and the storyline in New Recruits I think seems more plausible than things such as the fan club becoming the Air Acolytes."

So, should Love Potion #8 really be considered non-canon when the other books in the Read-to-Read series are considered to be canon? And is the only reason for its speculated non-canon labeling a result of the animosity for the minor romance shared between Toph and Ohev? If every comic were to be ridiculed for possessing material that fans disagree with, then nearly every ATLA related comic would have to be considered non-canon whether the events inside actually took place in the television show or not---and that includes The Search and The Promise trilogies which we all know contains some pretty "out of nowhere" content that some fans disagree with (examples: the Acolyte Fan girls and Ikem).

Just throwing it out there...

Original Avatar Nerdling 18:20, May 20, 2013 (UTC)

While I can't really speak for anyone else, I would strongly agree that this wiki has been ridiculously prejudiced against Love Potion #8 on account of the prejudice against poor Ohev. It largely seems that canonical status (and by extension, the canonical status of the story he was introduced within) is denied to him on account of a bias against the possibility of a relationship between him and Toph. This in turn seems to stem from the reconstruction of Toph's character as "the eternally single rebel" by much of the fanbase, which is continually reasserted by the fans despite being directly contradicted by the roles she is known to have taken on in The Legend of Korra. If we're going to be totally self-consistent, and only declare Avatar material beyond the original series non-canonical when Bryke themselves have declared it as such, then only "New Recruits" and "Gym Time" deserve such a title, and Ohev objectively ought to be cataloged as one of Toph's love interests.

This is not to say that I myself am particularly biased towards treating Ohev as canonical, just that our criteria for calling something canonical ought to be re-examined if we going to be self-consistent in our reasons for excluding Ohev from the ranks of canonical characters. A legitimate problem with Love Potion 8 is the completely improbable event that Team Avatar would meet up with the Earth Kingdom nomads (the hippies) in the middle of the Fire Nation; how in the world that group of drunken half-wits ever got past the Fire Nation blockade is never even given an attempted explanation in the passing. Another problem is that Ohev's back-story as the runaway son of servants working for the Beifong family seems to directly conflict with Toph's statement in the obviously-canonical A:TLA episode "The Blind Bandit" that in twelve years of living she had never known a real friend, despite her apparent recognition of the boy mid-conversation; however, unlike I once thought, this doesn't necessarily override her given back-story, as it is quite possible that her parents kept her from actually interacting with those they would have considered "low-born", even if she'd overheard him with his parents before. Given that the lack of her space bracelet indicates that the events of this book must have occurred before "Sokka's Master" in the Avatar continuity (if at all), one has to ask why she so quickly became interested in Sokka again and enough so for this to be obvious by the time of said episode after his unintentional spurning of her romantic interest when "under the influence" of the love potion, especially when this contradicts her reaction to his action in the book itself as well as the fact that she had developed interest in someone else. There's also the question of why the work makes the common mistake made by fans in spelling Toph's last name "Bei Fong", rather than "Beifong" as in the canonical works that may be traced back to Bryke in some way, though this isn't necessarily a deciding factor anyway.

Nevertheless, under the current standard, we ought to consider Love Potion 8 canonical, and the fact that we do not shows how much this wiki has allowed the opinions of the fan-dumb to pollute the objectivity of its encyclopedic cataloging in regards to this particular story. Either we modify the standard so that we become logically self-consistent, or we consider Love Potion 8 as a canonical story. There really are no other options. Toph's Fanboy Read My Fanon! 19:48, May 20, 2013 (UTC)

I'm for keeping the non-canon status of Love Potion #8 exactly as it is. The criteria for canonicity of these such works is Bryke's having had consent in creating the work. For example, Escape from the Spirit World, as revealed in this interview by, is canon because Mike DiMartino stated, "But as for the online 'spirit world' thing, I wrote it and we all worked on it so I'd say that is real." However, Mike also stated in that interview that that the trading card game and the characters introduced there are not canon because "That was characters they [Nickelodeon] created themselves for the game. We didn't have any input on that."
Now then, that clears up the canonicity of Escape from the Spirit World online comic and the trading card game: the former is canon because what happened in its plot wasn't simply made up by Nick; Mike had explicit input on its creation. The trading card game is not canon because was happened in its contents were entirely made up by Nick and Bryke did not have any input on it. Similarly, we consider the comics released by Nickelodeon Magazine canon because, according to Nickelodeon's old blog about the comics, Bryke had to give consent on whether or not they considered the comic in question up-to-snuff with their idea about the series ("Assuming Avatar creators Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino are happy with the script" is the exact quote from that source).
Unlike these cases of canonicity, however, there appears to have been no input by Bryke in the creation of Love Potion #8 or any of the Ready-to-Read-Series whatsoever. If this forum amounts to anything, I would hope that it would be the continued non-canon status of Love Potion #8 as well as the removal of canon I.D. from the rest of the Ready-to-Read Series, which I had no idea was considered canon. Krazykid51 20:35, May 20, 2013 (UTC)

i vote to leave everything as is, or at least change love potion to ambiguously canon. the other ready to read books were directly based off an episode, but love potion #8 was not based on an episode.Intelligence4 (wallcontribs)

If Bryke didn't have any input in the book, then I am also for keeping it as non-canon. Ozai Spirte The Final BattleSparks From HadesAzula sprite23 22:00, May 22, 2013 (UTC)