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The Ba Sing Se Times is the official community newsletter of Avatar Wiki - the easiest way to stay informed about Avatar Wiki, particularly if you are absent for a period of time, or if you are unable to visit daily. It is posted periodically as a site news blog post. This newsletter's purpose is to represent and enrich the Avatar Wiki community, which consists of, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Provide opportunities for users to feature any ideas, opinions, and helpful guides for fellow users
  • Host the monthly Avatar Trivia Competition
  • Seasonal Events i.e. Anonymous Valentines, Christmas Cards, April Fools themes, etc.
  • Keep users updated with the latest contests, community activities, and upcoming events
  • Interact with the user community via shout-outs, fanon and fanart highlights, and interviews
  • Highlight stories from the Fanon Portal and be a platform for users to promote their writing
  • Inform users of ongoing important votes, discussions, and articles needing improvement
  • Provide users with a quick summary of happenings in the past fortnight, e.g. user rights changes, major community decisions, discussion results

Current staff


Editor Minnichi (wall)
Contact for technicalities including expected publish dates, overall content, and the status of any specific article request.
Deputy Editors AvatarRokusGhost (wall)
Contact for inquiries regarding canonical article submissions, or any articles relating to the mainspace.

Bomochu (wall)
Contact for inquiries regarding any article submissions with fanon or fanonspace-related content.

Writers You
Submit articles to be featured in the Ba Sing Se Times.