Joo Dee This page documents an official Avatar Wiki policy.

It is a widely accepted standard that should normally be followed by all editors.

Templates are mostly created to be included, or "transcluded", on other pages. They should be created when common design elements can be carried over efficiently to many pages.

Usage of namespace

The template namespace is not intended for personal usage. New templates must demonstrate utility to the wiki at large, or at least the expectation that this will soon be the case.


Userboxes refer to any templates based on {{Userbox}}, or any templates similar in function to templates created from it. New userboxes should not be created unless they:

  1. Can justifiably be categorized under existing subcategories of the userboxes category, or
  2. They have been discussed and have community consensus

However, the first exception above does not apply to award userboxes. In other words, userboxes may never be created under the award userboxes category unless they have been officially approved.


Documentation refers to the instructions that appear on most general use template pages, and is generally created with {{Documentation}}. Other than fanon templates not intended for general use, newly created templates must be accompanied with documentation.

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