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This is the page where formal requests for moderator rights can be filed. Moderator rights enable normal users to remove and restore replies that are not their own on message walls, forum threads, article comments, and Discussions posts. It is particularly useful on Avatar Wiki when an admin is unavailable to take action against replies, threads, or posts that contravene the site's discussion policy or discussion guidelines. The ability to close threads and Discussion posts is also included.

There is no limit to the number moderators and the current number has no bearing on whether a request will be accepted, so if you are interested in becoming a moderator, please do not hesitate to make a request.


  • Strong and consistent history of contributions, though quality is more important than quantity
  • History of comment moderation — reporting inappropriate posts and ensuring policies are adhered to
  • No history of serious blocks due to vandalism, sockpuppetry, or posting inappropriate comments


  • Add your request under the section "Current requests" and give an explanation as to why you believe you deserve and require moderator rights. You must use the sample format that is shown at the top of the edit window when editing the section "Current requests".
  • Alternatively, another user may also nominate another eligible user for moderator rights. If this is the case, the applicant only needs to say that he/she accepts the nomination. It is not necessary to elaborate any further, as administrators will check user contributions regardless of what is written.
  • Note that being nominated by another user bears no advantage over normal requests you make yourself.
  • Any comments on the request from others may be posted as per any standard discussion.
  • One of the active administrators will consider your request. Don't be too disappointed if your request is declined. Remember, you can always try again later.

Current requests

Aang on a sec

Aang on a sec (wall · contribs · editcount · logs)

I, Aang on a sec, request to be a moderator. I feel that I am suitable to act as a moderator and focus on the Discussions side of the wiki. I believe that although I have not been on the wiki for long, I would be a good choice for a moderator because I am extremely active on both sides of the wiki and I aim to read up on all the dos and don’ts when it comes to threads and discussions in the near future. I am willing to help in whatever way I can, and will happily take advice and criticism from anyone who wants to give it. I also love the discussions that take place on this wiki and participate in them a lot already, and my activity will also not be decreasing after the end of the Coronavirus pandemic. Thank you for reading, good luck to everyone, and I hope we can make this wiki a better place by working together in the future. Aang on a sec 09:03, April 23, 2020 (UTC)

No check Not done While there is certainly no doubt as to your history of strong contributions to the forums and discussions, I do not see any past instances of comment moderation from you or cases where you have shown a need for moderator rights. These rights are not given out as just a reflection of activity or participation in the forums or discussions, but to enable users that help to moderate these areas already to do so more easily. I commend your desire to learn more about the guidelines and policies we have on the wiki, and not having these rights doesn't stop you from helping to ensure our policies are followed. With more instances of comment moderation, I would certainly feel happy in giving you these rights in the future. HAMMEROFTHØR (wall) • 16:51, April 23, 2020 (UTC)
Yes check Done per this thread. HAMMEROFTHØR (wall) • 11:56, April 29, 2020 (UTC)

Blais W

Blais W (wall · contribs · editcount · logs)

Well em, hello I am Blais, and first of all i hope I'm using this as it should be used. As introduction I wanna be honest, I honestly was mad since my Good companions Aang on a Sec and EchoEmpire got this rigths, and well specially seeing that Echo was personally messaged. But well I would like to apologize for having such reaction, but I wanted to be honest to everyone at first. I thougth about it, meditated, call it whatever it is, and listened to Lostris, and well acting as a "hey Imma be mad at you because of this reason" would be childish, and well, I'm mature enough to correct that... Moving on the request:

I'm really open minded, listen to everyone's opinion and offently active on the discussions forum. I don't think another discussion moderator is needed after Aang on a sec and EchoEmpire got such rigths, and I'm sure they will do good with them. I'm just applying to grant you the fast way of giving me when necessary the discussion moderator rigths, if you think three active moderators rigth now are much, I'll gladly accept a no as an answer.

Continuing on why I think I could do good and help being a moderator... well first of I know what you dear administrators look for to grant such rigths. As the Word says… moderation. I'm pretty calm and always look for the rigth and easy answer, also know you want to put taggs from the characters mentioned on the posts created by users, and I can be easily found on discord. And specially, I hope that with my addition I could help on the discussions, and you guys wouldn't have to put many eyes to see if everything it's perfect there, unless you want to hop into a discussion =). Sorry for any posible tipos and thanks for reading

When I say you guys I'm refering to the admins, sorry for the overuse of that lol

Sincerely Alv Blais W (wallcontribs) 14:39, April 30, 2020 (UTC)

Yes check Done Just keep in mind that user rights are not a mark of prestige, but a way for trusted users to help the wiki. It is not because someone has been given rights that they are in any way better, and having rights is not needed to help and contribute to the wiki. HAMMEROFTHØR (wall) • 17:51, April 30, 2020 (UTC)


I, adibehre17, would like to formally request to apply for moderator.

adibehre17 (wall · contribs · editcount · logs)

A few reasons why I believe I should be moderator:

  • It is important for moderators to be quite active as if there is a lack of activity, things may get chaotic. I am active daily, checking the avatar wiki 2-3 times a day. With this activity, there will be no worry of not having a moderator around. In fact, I create posts/polls not only for my interest but for community benefit as people who respond to my posts get to communicate in a healthy, fun, and welcoming way. This leads to my next point.
  • If at any point, whether in my posts/polls or others, I see any form of rules/policies not being followed, I make sure to try to patch things up as any moderator should. Recently, one user claimed to be 'Throwing up in my mouth' when reading someone's comment. I made sure to call the person out in a fair way by mentioning how that kind of comment was not kind. Later, I got a message in my message wall saying I did the right thing by making sure things did not get out of hand, calling me a 'moderate person'. I understand that it is not my job to moderate chats as I am not a moderator. However, I feel like it is my duty and responsibility that everyone who is a pre-existing member or a new member feels safe to chat and communicate without having to worry of what others will say.
  • Lastly, I have never been flagged or reported for any misconduct as a user.

Thank you for your consideration of my request. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Adibehre17 (wallcontribs) 17:10, July 8, 2020 (UTC)

No check Not done The example that you provide is certainly the sort of action that we would want to see from a moderator and demonstrates that you have the correct attitude, but I do not see any other instances of comment moderation or where you have shown a need for these rights. If you continue to help moderate the comments, which I should note you do not need moderator rights to do, and gain more experience on Discussions then I would be happy to give you these rights in the future. HAMMEROFTHØR (wall) • 18:25, July 8, 2020 (UTC)


Zacatero (wall · contribs · editcount · logs)

I know I'm more active on the Discord, but I've been more frequenting the discussion boards as of late and I would love to be able to assist where needed should any issues arise. Very much similar to my current rollback rights, I wouldn't expect to be using this every day, but I figure if I'm already there, and something comes up, it would be a good thing to have. ZacateroVarrick_Sprite.png 01:07, August 2, 2020 (UTC)

No check Not done I am glad to see you posting with more frequency on the boards, but I do not see any history of moderation in your contributions. The rights are not given out because there may be instances where you could use them in the future, but because a user has demonstrated a history of doing so already and the rights will enable them to do so more effectively. If you reapply in the future with a history of helping to moderate (e.g. helping other users in understanding the guidelines or with other problems, highlighting posts that need checking) then I would be happy to give you these rights. HAMMEROFTHØR (wall) • 10:19, August 2, 2020 (UTC)


Gligo13 (wall · contribs · editcount · logs)

Flameo! I'd like to request moderator rights, because I think I could be helpful with the discussions. I try to be friendly and respectful to others and their opinions and help them in any way I can, let people know when they post something that appears frequently on the boards and ask them to stay respectful when they use inappropriate language, though that's very rarely needed. I want to be as active as possible and, while activity is not good reason to become a moderator, I think it's important for this role on the wiki. Thank you for reading my request. Gligo's in love with Azula 9:26, August 6, 2020 (UTC)

Yes check Done Your positive posts on the discussion boards and helpful demeanour certainly help make this decision easier. You are active on the discussion boards and have actively been helping to moderate even without rights. I am extremely confident you will make good use of moderator rights. Frui (🌹🐝🐝🐝) 10:15, August 6, 2020 (UTC)

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